Omya: smart combination of calcium and vitamins for bone health

New product concept for the bone health segment available

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New micronutrient premix for target-group-specific drinks

Health is one of the twelve central megatrends identified by the Frankfurt Future Institute’s Food Report 2018

Rousselot brings new perspectives for pharma and nutra applications

Leading global producer of gelatin and collagen peptides, Rousselot, has announced that it will reveal two new products ...

Scientific research drives demand for OPO in China's formula market

A growing body of scientific research is behind the popularity of OPO in China's infant formula market, according to ...

Collagen peptides: nature’s building blocks for better mobility

Consumers looking to maintain optimal bone and joint health through better nutrition are increasingly turning to ...

Study shows how Pycnogenol works for osteoarthritis patients

First evidence that polyphenols from Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract distribute into the synovial fluid of ...

NattoPharma and Ortho Molecular Products form exclusive partnership

MenaQ7 PRO will only be available to the Practitioner Channel via Ortho Molecular Products

Valensa International secures two new US joint health patents for FlexPro MD

Zanthin natural astaxanthin and Flexuron Plus give Valensa 18 US patents protecting the core ingredients in its ...

Extra-virgin olive oil reduces osteoporosis-related fracture risk

Adherence to a traditional Mediterranean diet has been associated with a lower risk of hip fracture

Cardioprotective benefits of vitamin K2 even more accessible

Research continues to strengthen and position vitamin K2 as MK-7 as a substance that protects heart health by helping ...

Vitamin K2 MK-7: healthy bone, healthy body

There is growing recognition that vitamin K2 plays a crucial role in lifelong bone health, and that bone health may be ...

Kids with low vitamin K2 status at greater risk of fracture: new study

0.1 increase in amount of inactive K-dependent protein ratio results in 19.2462 x fracture risk

Curcumin: positive results in bone health support

The first pilot study in humans reveals the positive effects of Meriva in bone health