Barrington and TriNutra help launch blend of ThymoQuin and Pycnogenol

New supplement Thymenol has been developed to support cognitive, cardiovascular, and immune health

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Nestle pursues plant-derived protein inhibitor

G3 Pharmaceuticals has signed an agreement with Nestlé for the development of plant-derived galectin-3 inhibitors for ...

IFF Health enters anti-ageing collaboration with BY-HEALTH

Formulations at the heart of the research focus on fighting cellular oxidative stress, support of intracellular health, ...

Sabinsa publishes results of pterostilbene heart health study

Scientists from Taiwan and China have found Sabinsa’s sustainably-sourced pterostilbene attenuates Trimethylamine-N- ...

Bilberry fruit: The antioxidant for eye and cardiovascular health

Studies show that bilberry extract, rich in anthocyanins, has positive effects on a variety of health challenges

Fucoidan producer Marinova wins Export Market Leader Award

The unique extraction technology that Marinova uses to produce fucoidan underpins the success of the export business, ...

Vitamin K-dependent processes linked to vascular calcification and oxidative stress

New research study once again links vitamin K2 benefits against calcification and free radical damage

Cardiovascular well-being: A contemporary challenge

A standardised bergamot extract may provide a natural source of heart health benefits

Vitamin K2 technology wins award for NattoPharma spin-off

Kaydence Pharma has received a start-up award at the BIO International convention

Kappa Biosciences uses Optibiotix ingredient to improve K2 offering

This agreement is a strategic step to include LPLDL in a range of cardiovascular health supplements, in food, dairy, ...

DELTA by Kappa Bioscience now boasts 1% high-concentration of K2

New concentration of the vitamin K2 MK-7 enhances development opportunities for multi-ingredient products that target ...

Size matters: the role of the right modified citrus pectin for long-term health

As life-threatening and debilitating conditions progressively burden our collective health span, demand has never been ...

Study: Vitamin K2 deficiency increases cardiovascular stress

Improving vitamin K2 status could benefit arterial stiffening and calcification, reducing cardiovascular complications, ...

Spanish study finds pomegranate and olive extracts support heart health

Euromed's extracts improved several blood flow markers in all subjects; endothelial function, blood pressure and levels ...

DolCas-Tenshi Bioceuticals joint venture launches debut formula

Fortiquin is a five-ingredient nutraceutical to target male sexual stamina and general health