Increasing ATP production in the treatment of chronic fatigue

The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) are complex and not entirely well understood, but one thing is certain: its effects are frustrating and debilitating

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EVNol SupraBio shows neuroprotective effects in post-ischaemic mouse brain

Pretreatment of EVNol SupraBio shows neuroprotective effects in the cerebral ischaemia/reperfusion injury with direct ...

New research links MTHFR polymorphism to Coronary Artery Disease

Reduced folate distribution contributes to plaque build up in the arteries, increasing the risk of cardiovascular ...

Serum vitamin D and risk of cardiovascular mortality

Vitamin D is thought to be required for cardiovascular health, with mechanistic studies showing that vitamin D may ...

Travel wisely to arrive in excellent shape

Make Pycnogenol your go-to companion for a healthy voyage

Concentrated recovery: DSM’s Fruitflow to power athletes in grueling Tour de France 2018

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, is helping professional cyclists ...

Melatonin for dyslipidemia

Melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland, is best known for regulating sleep and the circadian rhythm

Vitamin K2 RDI programme sprearheaded by NattoPharma

K2 Leader joins with leading researchers to establish basis of a much-needed K2 RDI

Convenient and safe: Taiyo’s Xia Oil and Sunphenon instant teas

Vitafoods 2018: Taiyo presented versatile and functional products with a wide range of positioning options

Pycnogenol: a pioneer of age defiance

Since the 1960s, Horphag Research has blazed a trail to naturally improving age-related ailments with Pycnogenol, a ...

Natural palm mixed-carotenes: benefits beyond clean labels: part I

When looking in the dictionary, clean means free from dirt, stains or unwanted matter. Similarly, when consumers look ...

Innovations in heart health and vitamin C set to take centre-stage for Naturex at Vitafoods Europe

Natural ingredients with proven benefits for cardiovascular well-being will be a major focus for Naturex at Vitafoods ...

Kappa Bioscience & partners to launch seven new K2VITAL white-label vitamin K2 products at Vitafoods Europe

Kappa Bioscience, maker of K2VITAL vitamin K2 MK-7 will unveil its new ‘ready-to-launch’ product concepts at Vitafoods ...