Increasing ATP production in the treatment of chronic fatigue

The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) are complex and not entirely well understood, but one thing is certain: its effects are frustrating and debilitating

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A fat belly is bad for your heart

Doctors should measure central obesity to assess cardiovascular risk – even in patients with normal BMI

Vitamin K2 content in cheeses and recommended intakes: new paper

New MenaQ7 full spectrum K2 is the closest ingredient to dietary cheese intake

New process prolongs Chia Oil's shelf-life

Successful co-operation between Taiyo and Benexia

Natural palm mixed-carotenes: benefits beyond clean labels: part I

When looking in the dictionary, clean means free from dirt, stains or unwanted matter. Similarly, when consumers look ...

New MenaQ7 vitamin K2 human study in aortic calcification in leading journal Nutrients

Protocol shows vitamin K2 treatment on imaging measurements of existing calcification

Potent new ashwagandha extract from Arjuna

Arjuna Natural launches Shoden, its potent, all-natural ashwagandha extract at Vitafoods Europe

Whole grains exert health benefits independent of microbiome response

Consumption of whole grains has been associated with a lower risk of lifestyle-related diseases, such as type 2 ...

New MenaQ7 K2 study confirms CV benefits for men and women

One-year study shows MenaQ7 supplementation improved vascular health

Healthy ageing and vitamin E

Tocotrienols for cognitive and heart health

The health and welfare benefits of phytosterol supplementation

There is mounting evidence that billions of Euros of healthcare costs associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) ...

High and low serum phosphate associated with cardiovascular risk

High serum phosphate is an established risk factor for cardiovascular events in patients with chronic kidney disease, ...

New micronutrient premix for target-group-specific drinks

Health is one of the twelve central megatrends identified by the Frankfurt Future Institute’s Food Report 2018