Stirring times for US yoghurt

Innovation is vital in a changing consumer environment

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Biohm Health chooses AIDP to distribute new probiotic biofilm killer

The US-based heath ingredients distributor will be the exclusive US marketing and sales partner

DayTwo secures $31m to scale diabetes microbiome platform

Funding will accelerate go-to-market initiatives for the glycemic control system

Neuraxpharm launches first probiotic to European market

Bened Biomedical grants exclusive rights to market PS128

The gut microbiome: The key to overall health and wellness

The discovery of the gut microbiome’s effect on human health has changed how scientists understand disease, creating ...

New OptiBiotix weight management product on European market

Weight loss aid contains three functional ingredients, two (glucomannan and chromium) that have EFSA health claims, and ...

Beneo unveils inulin from chicory root

Organic inulin supports all the same health benefits as Orafti inulin for balanced intestinal flora

Size matters: the role of the right modified citrus pectin for long-term health

As life-threatening and debilitating conditions progressively burden our collective health span, demand has never been ...

KitoZyme strengthens evidence of prebiotic activity of its KiOtransine

Thanks to the extensive work, the team was able to demonstrate clear bifidogenic activity that offers new avenues of ...

Gustus Vitae launches probiotic infused salt

The industry first contains sea salt from the Pacific and an allergen-free, 15 billion CFU probiotic

Human milk oligosaccharides promote a healthy gut microbiota in infants

Today’s commercial infant formula products do not contain HMOs because these sugars only naturally occur in human ...

Ayurvedic plants for digestive tract health

Digestive troubles and diseases significantly alter our quality of life

A new frontier in infant nutrition

Supporting digestive, immune and cognitive development in formula-fed infants

New formulation increases bioavailability of curcumin

Associate Professor at South Dakota University increases the bioavailability of curcumin, opening the door for the ...

Chr. Hansen launches probiotic in fermented plant base

The launch of nu-trish LGG DA aims to further improve the health appeal of fermented plant bases by integrating the ...