Targeted microbiome modulation from OptiBiotix demonstrates potential to boost the health benefits of existing probiotics

New research from OptiBiotix demonstrates the potential for the development of species or genera-specific probiotics to selectively enhance the growth and health benefits of existing probiotics

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DigeZyme demonstrates efficacy in management of dyspeptic symptoms with functional dyspepsia

A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the Journal of Medicinal Foods provides clinical ...

Probiotic LactoSpore found to reverse depression symptoms in patients suffering from IBS

A clinical study conducted in India and published in Food & Nutrition Research reported that adults with irritable ...

Eat high fibre foods to reduce effects of stress on gut and behaviour

Eating high fibre foods may reduce the effects of stress on our gut and behaviour, according to new research published ...

Sleuthing wheat intolerances

Bread wheat is under fire

BENEO launches new clean label rice starch at IFT 2018

Delivers excellent product stability, enabling food manufacturers to create unique textures

Success for BENEO as chicory root fibres are included in FDA’s “Approved Dietary Fibres” list

As part of the new food and nutrition labelling regulations, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced ...

Meeting emerging needs in gastrointestinal health

An increasing body of research suggests that what we consume may not only influence the body, but also the mind

Body of science on Sabinsa’s LactoWise and LactoCran digestive health ingredients grows with publication of two new studies

Cranberry and fenugreek are both well known for the benefits their actives provide; but, until recently, little was ...

DuPont Nutrition & Health science earns probiotic health claim in Brazil

Brazilian health authorities recognise Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 as beneficial to gastrointestinal health

Christensenella: the cornerstone of the gut microbiota?

LNC Therapeutics, a French biotechnology company specialising in gut microbiome-based drugs, is taking a closer look at ...

From food intolerances to personalised nutrition

Humans are unique in character, appearance and behaviour. So, asks Michael Gusko, General Manager, GoodMills Innovation, ...

Danisco VEGE Cultures: the broadest cultures offer for plant-based food & beverages

DuPont cultures boost innovation opportunities in plant-based fermented food & beverage market

Nexira will present its extensive range of organic ingredients at this year's Vitafoods

From male enhancers to weight management supplements, visit Nexira at booth #F24 to find natural ingredient solutions