Targeted microbiome modulation from OptiBiotix demonstrates potential to boost the health benefits of existing probiotics

New research from OptiBiotix demonstrates the potential for the development of species or genera-specific probiotics to selectively enhance the growth and health benefits of existing probiotics

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Nexira will present its extensive range of organic ingredients at this year's Vitafoods

From male enhancers to weight management supplements, visit Nexira at booth #F24 to find natural ingredient solutions

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New sudy shows Herbagut supports gut health

New study backs efficacy of Herbagut, a polybotanical extract for gut health and overall well-being

Improving dietary fibre intake for better all-round health

Products with Sunfiber can boost fibre consumption, even in those with digestive sensitivity

New process prolongs Chia Oil's shelf-life

Successful co-operation between Taiyo and Benexia

Innovation highlights how the stars are aligning for the next gluten-free

Europe’s biggest gluten-free brand – Schär – has become one of the first major brands to offer low-FODMAP accredited ...

Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics to launch Solarplast antiageing ingredient at Engredea

Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics, an international enzyme and probiotic-based dietary supplement formulator and contract ...

DuPont Nutrition & Health identifies gaps to fill through gluten-free consumer survey

Customised ingredient solutions are the way to more and better gluten-free bakery

Advanced galacto-oligosaccharides for a healthy body and mind

The importance of the gut cannot be overemphasised when it comes to health optimisation

More fibre for more health

The dietary fibre additive Sunfiber offers health-boosting properties for the gastrointestinal tract and far beyond

New Wellmune study shows intestinal barrier function improvements in stressed adults

The study also provides new data on Wellmune's mechanism of action

OmniActive expands gingever range and showcases new prototypes at Engredea 2018

At Engredea 2018 in March in Anaheim (CA, USA), OmniActive will be highlighting the latest addition to its ginger ...