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Algalif targets rapid Asia-Pacific market growth with astaxanthin ingredients and finished products

Based in Iceland, Algalif is a leading supplier of high-grade natural astaxanthin products from the Haematococcus ...

DuPont Nutrition & Health science earns probiotic health claim in Brazil

Brazilian health authorities recognise Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 as beneficial to gastrointestinal health

Natural astaxanthin for performance and recovery

Focusing on sports nutrition, AstaReal presented its range of natural astaxanthin products at Vitafoods Europe 2018

The natural route from core to coating

Manufacturers are looking for more efficient and consistent manufacturing performance while meeting increasing consumer ...

Study shows novel probiotic reduces cholesterol more effectively than plant sterols/stanols

The results of a research study show that a new bacterial strain, called Lactobacillus plantarum LP-LDL, significantly ...

ACG Capsules set for European expansion

Integrated manufacturing specialist makes series of appointments across Europe

Meeting emerging needs in gastrointestinal health

An increasing body of research suggests that what we consume may not only influence the body, but also the mind

Tate & Lyle makes equity investment in Sweet Green Fields

Investment strengthens partnership and supports development of Tate & Lyle’s stevia-based solutions offering

New anti-ageing ingredient from Mibelle

Mibelle Biochemistry, Swiss manufacturer of innovative, high-quality actives based on naturally derived compounds, has ...

The war on packaging

The plastic fight back has clearly begun

How to boost the conversion rate of your e-commerce website in the manufacturing industry

Fifty three per cent of businesses spend less than 5% of their total marketing budget on boosting their conversion ...

Pycnogenol: a pioneer of age defiance

Since the 1960s, Horphag Research has blazed a trail to naturally improving age-related ailments with Pycnogenol, a ...

EVNol improves oxidative stress status and neuronal cell damage

The effectiveness of EVNol natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex as neuroprotective and antioxidant agent in ...