Nestlé makes deal with Epitomee Medical for novel weight loss and metabolic health product

The strategic partnership will cover the development and the commercialisation of the product which has already demonstrated efficacy and safety

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Biosearch Life signs distribution agreement with AIDP

The US market accounts for 8% of Biosearch's turnover

Eevia and Natural enter European distribution agreement

Natural Functional Ingredients focuses on the distribution of ingredients for the food supplement industry in France ...

KHS and Ferrum further expand their longstanding co-operation and seal their partnership

The KHS Group and Ferrum AG are intensifying their longstanding co-operation

Keeping up with e-commerce expansion

Buying or selling products online is on the rise due to the convenience it offers to customers. Tom Egan of The ...

Chr Hansen adds to probiotic acquisition agglomeration

Chr Hansen Holding has completed the acquisition of UAS Laboratories

Cambridge Commodities expands ingredient and finished product range with sustainable softgels

Global ingredient supplier Cambridge Commodities is expanding its offering to include premium softgel formulations that ...

COVID-19: Nutraceutical players respond

Euromed, Kaneka, Omya and Glatt speak about how they are dealing with the pandemic and their predictions about future ...

Unilever and Algenuity partner to explore use of microalgae protein

Unilever have partnered with biotech start-up Algenuity to delve into the potential of microalgae

Lallemand Health Solutions closes major licensing deal with Proge Farm

Deal has been agreed to commercialise Proge Farm's established probiotic strain for specific women's health benefits

An automatic response to businesses’ financial woes

The UK business world is in crisis. It might sound like an over-dramatic statement; however, from a financial ...

Probiotics: a trusted strain is a trusted business

Clinical trials and working with other sectors on research projects can boost confidence in the efficacy and quality of ...

Calculating the cost of coding

In no context is the term COO (cost of ownership) more relevant than in the world of coding, wherein the price tag of a ...

Colorcon opens technical centre in Melbourne, Australia, to support growing pharmaceutical industry

Colorcon, a world leader in the development and supply of film coating systems and excipients, announces the opening of ...

Custom probiotics company raises $8.65m to scale and globalise

US-based Sun Gemonics has raised funds for its completely personalised probiotic solutions based on whole-genome ...