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With the cannabis industry blooming, product differentiation is key to success

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BioCell Collagen to focus on quality at Vitafoods Asia

Asiaís collagen market is booming but consumers in the region are increasingly demanding quality and scientific ...

Men want natural solutions to a pressing night-time problem

The need to urinate is by far the most common cause of sleep disruption in older men, a survey has shown

Study shows HydroCurc demonstrates good bioavailability

LipiSperse, developed by Pharmako Biotechnologies is a technology that can enhance the bioavailability of hydrophobic ...

Degradation of vitamins, probiotics and other active ingredients caused by exposure to heat, water and sunlight

Vitamins and probiotics (and other active ingredients) can be substantially affected by exposure to heat, water and/or ...

ADM acquires Probiotics International

Addition of leading natural healthcare and probiotics business positions ADM to provide fully integrated probiotics and ...

Arla launches speedy cream cheese manufacturing process

A new protein solution from the food ingredients company cuts cream cheese-making process from 20 hours to just 30 ...

Meeting emerging needs in gastrointestinal health

An increasing body of research suggests that what we consume may not only influence the body, but also the mind

Study shows new analysis for gluten in dietary enzymes

Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics, based in Kennesaw, Georgia, a company that specialises in customised enzymes said the ...

IBA 2018: DeutscheBack will show its competence all along the production chain

New solutions reduce the addition of gluten, prevent acrylamide formation and permit trend products with a higher ...

Sleuthing wheat intolerances

Bread wheat is under fire

Unfulfilled promises: an industry need for an ethical label standard

The case of vitamin K2: a symptom of a wider challenge

Travel wisely to arrive in excellent shape

Make Pycnogenol your go-to companion for a healthy voyage

Cytoplan launches trio of new nutritional supplements

Supplements aid relaxation, musculoskeletal health and thyroid hormone production

Natreonís ingredient PrimaVie becomes the leading organic shilajit on the market

Pioneering nutritional ingredient company Natreon has obtained organic certification for its PrimaVie Biome Optimized ...