Pilot plant in the works to halve the cost of making medicines, vitamins and supplements

Stoli Catalysts' patented tech and reactor design use 100-1,000 times less precious metal

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Blockchain helps save millions in recalls

The system is is already widely used as a real-time record-keeping system

Algatech licenses technology to optimise beta-glucans extraction

The technology is licensed from US biotech F3 Platform biologics and the first product resulting from it is expected in ...

ACG acquires pharma processing equipment provider Xertecs GmbH

The goal is to give customers the best of both continents: sophisticated European design combined with Indian value- ...

Silverson mixers overcome CBD miscibility challenges

The range of laboratory mixers are engineered to allow customers to expand quickly and keep up with customer demand

Laboratoire PYC bullish on upward trend of high-protein chips

The French supplements company taps into the weight loss market with new flavours

Colorcon to incorporate TruTag's microtags in tablet film coatings

Colorcon and TruTag will work together to target authentication systems for medicines

Stainless steel products in contemporary bioprocessing

ASEPCO's Mark Embury on the shift from stainless steel to single-use systems in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector

Storability of vegetable carotene is compromised by oxygen in air

Vienna's EQ Boku reveals analysis of different processes and formulations in the production of pigment-rich carrot ...

New methodology identifies odorants and tastants simultaneously

Breakthrough by scientists in Germany could simplify and accelerate the quality control of raw ingredients

Why traceability in the manufacturing sector matters more now than ever before

The ability to track and trace each component that comprises your product—from suppliers right through to the final ...

Innovative solutions for Asia’s health-conscious consumers

Health and well-being have become prime areas of interest for consumers across the globe, with more and more ...

Farm to fork food safety masterclass

With increasing globalisation of the food supply chain and recent revisions to guidelines issued by the FDA and BRC, ...

Danone invests $26.4m in infant milk facility in New Zealand

Investment will go toward a South Island spray drying plant for achieving carbon neutrality by 2021

Biodata is contributing to the rise of personalised nutrition

Wearable devices, mainstream DNA tests and the rise of epigenetics has promoted personalised nutrition companies that ...