BI Nutraceuticals urges caution over synthesised apple cider vinegar

Labelling issues can occur due to vinegar synthesised from methanol, acetaldehyde, or ethylene

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EnteroBiotix secures MHRA license for clinical trial manufacturing

The Scottish microbiome specialists is also working on creating a common European regulatory framework for microbiome ...

Nestle patents ingredients targeting neurological and weight problems

Meroterpenoids and age-tailored infant formula are two technologies that Nestle has developed and patented in 2019

UK government asks whether to fortify flour with folate

Australia, Canada, the US and more than 60 countries in the world now fortify their flour with folic acid

Momentum in the US cannabidiol market gains retailers' attention

Walmart and other big-name stores in talks with food and drinks makers in preparation for the day CBD-enriched products ...

Bladderwrack weight loss remedy gets first German approval

German regulatory body has granted Diapharm the registration for seaweed powder to complement a weight loss diet

Sabinsa receives GRAS status for curcumin reduct

C3 Reduct is Sabinsa’s new standardised extract obtained by hydrogenation of the curcuminoids from the rhizomes of ...

ECH Medical to open the UK's first standalone cannabis clinic

Company has also facilitated the import of the UK's first bulk shipment of cannabis-based medicine

Alland & Robert functional gum gains non-GMO certification

The non-GMO certification is for its acacia gum references, karaya gum reference and its texturing ingredient Syndeo

Study defends soy as FDA plots to remove it from heart-healthy food list

Researchers found that soy protein reduced LDL cholesterol by 3-4% in adults, a small but significant amount

Traceability within the manufacturing sector

Why it matters more now than ever before

Cannabis Europa 2019 puts CBD in the spotlight

Industry leaders will gather in London to discuss what lies ahead for the medical cannabis industry in Europe

GxP: The 5 Ps of Good Practice

The FDA guidelines are complex to interpret and difficult to put into practice. Governance service provider Qualsys ...

HPA hosts Nutrition & Health summit in Shanghai

Health Products Association hosts the summit just before HNC/FiAsia China, and the summit expo combination give ...

Natural Remedies receives five non-GMO certifications

NSF International has verified that BacoMind, Gutgard, Turmacin, OciBest and AP-Bio all meet the consensus-based ...