Biotin debacle: AACC provides guidance to prevent patient harm

A new guidance document has been published with advise on how to prevent biotin sabotaging the clinical testing method known as the immunoassay

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NextFerm Technologies applies for new yeast astaxanthin patent

Several studies have shown first evidence of Astaferm’s high antioxidative capacity compared to algae-derived ...

Biosearch Life applies for international anti-ageing patent

Spanish company has designed a new product that combines plant extracts with DHA rich oil

Natreon wins patent for tannoid blend extract

US-based Natreon has gained a patent for Terminalia chebula to help pain and inflammation related to osteoarthritis

Unlocking traceability and efficiency within the supply chain

ProGlove's Axel Schmidt explains how accurate and efficient barcode scanning can be achieved to deliver traceability ...

Contract manufacturer recall impacts 859 brands

US-based ABH Nature’s Products, ABH Pharma and are conducting a nationwide recall of all lots of its ...

Jennewein files patent infringement lawsuit against Nestle

The German biotechnology company claims the dairy giant uses patented HMO for the manufacturing of its infant formula

Beyond titanium dioxide: Balancing consumer needs with compliance

As consumer needs grow more complex and detailed, so too do the needs of food supplement manufacturers who must find ...

Brazil approves hyaluronic acid ingredient from Bioiberica

Mobilee, a patented rooster comb extract that is rich in hyaluronic acid, has been approved by Brazil’s health ...

Japan grants Robertet health claim for anti-stress ingredient Extramel

The Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan validates formulation in product from Zeria Healthway

Ensuring the continued safety and quality of packaging

The recent update to the BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials has put the safety and quality of ...

Review: Cannabis Europa 2019

Scientists, businesspeople and politicians backing the regulation of medical and recreational cannabis have taken the ...

The stability of ingredients in supplements: An overlooked industry topic

Despite the overall improvement of the food supplement sector in recent years, there are still severe shortcomings that ...

Australian authority accepts soy phosphatidylserine ingredient

IFF Health’s Sharp-PS ingredient has been notified and listed in Australia and New Zealand for brain health and ...

FDA grants citizen petition on glucomannan as a dietary fibre

The US agency has determined that scientific evidence suggests that glucomannan can help reduce blood cholesterol