Study validates new butanol test to quantify insoluble proanthocyanins

The newly recognised test will enable manufacturers to formulate new cranberry products beyond UTIs and create a higher bar for quality standards

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Biova confirms 5-day benefits of joint health eggshell membrane ingredient

Study found five times less stiffness in those taking BiovaFlex over a placebo-controlled group

Better Juice to build pilot plant for low-sugar orange juice

Israel's food tech company has joined forces with Sao Paulo-based Citrosuco to develop a game-changing enzymatic ...

Storability of vegetable carotene is compromised by oxygen in air

Vienna's EQ Boku reveals analysis of different processes and formulations in the production of pigment-rich carrot ...

The groundbreaking momentum of modified citrus pectin research

Can one nutraceutical ingredient address nearly all inflammatory diseases? A significant and fast-growing body of ...

New research highlights the sports nutrition and exercise benefits of enhanced curcumin

New research is helping shape the ever-evolving sports nutrition landscape

Opiant Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi join forces on cannabinoid overdose

There are currently no approved treatments for acute cannabinoid overdose that is most commonly linked to ‘edibles’

Future food and protein trends in China

As a leading R&D provider of consumer and sensory science for the food industry in New Zealand, Plant & Food Research's ...

Biodata is contributing to the rise of personalised nutrition

Wearable devices, mainstream DNA tests and the rise of epigenetics has promoted personalised nutrition companies that ...

Vitamin K-dependent processes linked to vascular calcification and oxidative stress

New research study once again links vitamin K2 benefits against calcification and free radical damage

IADSA opens new lines of communication for the dietary supplement sector

Mind the Gap is a new information resource available online to facilitate effective communication about the benefits of ...

Review: Cannabis Europa 2019

Scientists, businesspeople and politicians backing the regulation of medical and recreational cannabis have taken the ...

Study: Vitamin K2 deficiency increases cardiovascular stress

Improving vitamin K2 status could benefit arterial stiffening and calcification, reducing cardiovascular complications, ...

Terpenes: Unlocking the true medicinal qualities of cannabis

Jerusalem-based Eybna goes beyond cannabinoids and gets into the micro resolutions of the plant

Vitamin K2 technology wins award for NattoPharma spin-off

Kaydence Pharma has received a start-up award at the BIO International convention