Research supports efficacy of Biova eggshell membrane nutricsometic

12-week study has shown ingestion of BiovaBIO is associated with significant improvement in both the appearance of crow’s feet and skin tone

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Study indicates curcumin and ferulic acid as adjuvant chemotherapeutics

US and Italian scientists have evaluated polyphenols' affects on chemoresistance and cisplatin-induced ototoxicity

AffronEYE saffron shows benefits for glaucoma risk factors

Research has shown mice had more living ganglion cells and fewer inflammation markers after treatment with affronEYE

Biosearch Life applies for international anti-ageing patent

Spanish company has designed a new product that combines plant extracts with DHA rich oil

New science cushions joint health challenge

Living an active lifestyle is possible, although challenging, as the human body ages, battling factors such as ...

Study shows slow release carbohydrate aids weight loss

UK study has shown that carbohydrate choice matters when undertaking a weight loss diet

Probiotic drink offers new weapon in fight against antibiotic resistance

Birmingham University scientists in the UK have now filed a patent for a probiotic drink that tackles the genetic basis ...

Probiotics: A trusted strain is a trusted business

Clinical trials and working with other sectors on research projects can boost confidence in the efficacy and quality of ...

Industry-first clinical trial on patent-protected nicotinamide riboside begins

The study will evaluate the impact of ChromaDex Corp's nicotinamide riboside supplementation to help tackle hypertension

American researchers uncover new tocotrienol pathway

A new research paper has described how tocotrienol exerts its neuroprotective effect via a pathway that uses both ...

Nano CBD: Cannabidiol made with the human body in mind

Infinite CBD's Ali Munk explains how CBD products work, and why choosing nanotechnology as drug delivery increases its ...

Can L-ergothioneine transform the healthy ageing segment?

A 24-year study has found correlation between consumption of L-ergothioneine-rich foods like mushrooms and risk of ...

Controversial science: Why bother?

At a time when social media spreads stories like wildfire, it is more important than ever to communicate scientific ...

Recycled coffee fruit research unveils high antioxidant activity

Antioxidant activity of coffee fruit has been shown to surpass the capacity of other fruit-derived superfoods

IFF and SleepScore Labs join forces

Groundbreaking partnership is exploring new scents to create consumer sleep products