Extract and essential oil combo demonstrates cognitive benefits

Arjuna Natural’s BCM-95 turmeric extract and purified essential oil of turmeric demonstrated the capability to prevent neurotoxicity from aluminium exposure

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CurQfen study backs animal brain function support

The concentration of total curcuminoids at various parts of brain was evaluated at different time points using a UPLC- ...

Gencor PEA shown to alleviate joint discomfort

The study results showed significant decrease in VAS scores over 14 days of treatment

Prebiotic-enriched infant formula reduces infection duration

A long-term study, done as part of the EARNEST project, an EU-funded integrated initiative, evaluated Beneo’s ...

The complex relationship between heart health, weight and anxiety

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Study shows Pycnogenol helps retain skin moisture and elasticity

The researchers also found the ingredient to increase skin lightening, and reinforce skin barrier function

Givaudan turmeric ingredient delivers bioavailability at low dosage

The clinical study was randomised, cross-over, and involved 30 healthy adults, 24-hour kinetics, a consistent delivery ...

New research on curcumin and the “brain” in your gut

Curcumin and its analogues, collectively called curcuminoids, are the yellow turmeric rhizome components that ...

Flavour increasingly important to sports nutrition consumers

At the same time, traditional flavours are facing competition from fruit, nut and novelty tastes

Probi supplement improves iron status in pregnant women

Iron deficiency is a very common challenge for women of childbearing age in general and especially for pregnant women

Measuring the mood in the laboratory sector: materials bottlenecks and staff shortages

Increased materials consumption and the limited availability of liquid handling materials – pipettes, gloves and ...

Benign prostatic hyperplasia: the mature man’s problem

An innovative saw palmetto extract from Vidya Herbs, said to be more efficient than traditional saw palmetto extracts, ...

How to choose an incubator for your nutraceutical business

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Report identifies collagen’s growth potential

Market penetration for collagen peptide ingredients and products currently remains relatively low across Europe, North ...

ADM releases research into probiotic mechanism of action

With the evidence, ADM claims it can support partners in the dietary supplements and food and beverage sectors