Nutraceutical company disrupting the pharmaceutical market model

MedTate, a UK-based nutraceutical and healthcare company, is set to become the world’s first and only healthcare company to introduce clinically validated nutraceuticals over-the-counter while simultaneously doing research and development

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MycoTechnology raises US$30 million with investments from big names in food industry

Tysons Ventures, Continental Grain, Eighteen94 Capital, LLC (Kellogg's), and DNS-Hiitake LLC are among investors

Indena publishes monograph on new uses of Centella asiatica

Francois-Xavier Maquart, the world's most influential expert on the traditional medicinal plant is among the ...

Astaxanthin alleviates thrombotic risk in diabetics

Clinical study has reported the improvement and prevention of coagulatory disorders in type 2 diabetes subjects

Biofilm reactor promises to cut production costs on vitamin K

Researchers have developed a method to enhance the fermentation process that creates the supplement

Retail product placement for improved health

The impact of product placement in supermarkets on the diets of families will be investigated by researchers at the ...

Anonymous partner funds fermented CBD project

Amyris have signed a $255 million deal to develop and produce sustainable fermentation-based cannabinoids

Formulating for success with ODTs

An ageing global population, consumer demand for greater convenience and the need to improve patient compliance are ...

Study shows Neumentix supports physical performance

Nootropic spearmint extract shown to improve agility and reaction performance in clinical trial

Jennewein and Yili team up in China

The two companies will work together to develop innovative infant formula and dairy products in an expanding market

Christensenella: the cornerstone of the gut microbiota?

LNC Therapeutics, a French biotechnology company specialising in gut microbiome-based drugs, is taking a closer look at ...

Natural palm mixed-carotenes: benefits beyond clean labels (part II)

When looking in the dictionary, clean means free from dirt, stains or unwanted matter. Similarly, when consumers look ...

Future Food Initiative launches in Switzerland

Bühler, Givaudan and Nestlé join forces with ETH Zürich and EPFL to expand research and education in food and nutrition ...

Melatonin supplementation improves sleep in children with neurodevelopmental disorders

Children with neurodevelopmental disorders experience more problems with sleep than their neurotypical peers