BASF launches PeptAIde in China

Post-workout nutrition ingredient identified from brown rice using AI is now available in the Asia-Pacific region

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Beneo invests in plant-based protein

The new US$4.9 million manufacturing plant in Belgium will increase the functional ingredient provider's plant-based ...

French oak wood extract improves symptoms of infectious mononucleosis

Study on the “kissing disease“ shows the ability of Robuvit to cut the duration of symptoms and the nagging ...

Indian gooseberry boosts heart health, study says

Arjuna is bullish on the findings of new research on the beneficial effect of Tri-Low amla extract

A unique baker’s yeast beta glucan with proven immune health benefits

Immune health is important to a large majority of consumers, ranking second as the most desired health benefit required ...

AXIM completes microencapsulation of cannabinoids into proprietary chewing gum delivery mechanism

The new method will be used in the company’s proposed clinical trials

Research confirms Chlorella delivers plant-based source of Vitamin B12

Consumption of Chlorella as part of a plant-based diet can compensate for the regimen’s nutritional deficiencies of ...

Botanicals for a superior quality of life

Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, pure and potent natural extracts have an important role to play in healthy ageing ...

Berberine lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides

Cholesterol management continues to be a primary strategy for the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Plant-based ingredient supplier POS Bio-Sciences rebrands

The company now operates as KeyLeaf and will produce its own plant-based extracts and ingredients as finished products

What’s driving cognitive health?

As the human lifespan continues to increase, modern populations are growing progressively concerned about healthy ...

Quality of life: keeping up with the best agers

Given that the risk factors of physical inactivity and obesity are still omnipresent, it’s important to know that the ...

Energy in versus energy out

Getting the balance right is a fundamental prerequisite for healthy weight management and overall well-being

Valensa launches palmetto powder

For the first time, the health benefits of saw palmetto extract can be delivered in bars, shakes, gummies, and other ...

Indena publishes monograph on new uses of Centella asiatica

Francois-Xavier Maquart, the world's most influential expert on the traditional medicinal plant is among the ...