An all-time high?

With the cannabis industry blooming, product differentiation is key to success

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BASF and Mazza Innovation become partners on unique, environmentally friendly extraction technology for plant extracts

BASF and Mazza Innovation have announced the signing of an exclusive, long-term supply agreement

Beauty takes a bigger bite out of nutraceuticals

Roziani Zulkifli explains how in-cosmetics Global will address the buzzing beauty-from-within theme in 2018

A new way to buy and sell additives, vitamins and excipients

Swiss Kemiex and Atradius credit insurance launch unique commodity trading platform for the pharmaceutical and ...

Capsaicinoids science talk at Bridge2Foods

OmniActive Health Technologies sponsoring Bridge2Foods, will present a sports nutrition speaking session on ...

Acasti Pharma and CordenPharma announce large-scale production of CaPre with continuous manufacturing

CaPre is a potentially best-in-class omega-3 drug derived of krill oil and being developed for the treatment of ...

Bioiberica presents ingredients for joint health at Vitafoods

Mobilee, for joint mobility and b-2Cool, for inflammation and joint health have demonstrated efficacy at low dosages

Omya calcium products at IFT Las Vegas

Visitors looking to fortify foodstuffs with calcium can talk to experts about non-animal Calcipur, excipients and ...

Improve your vision with AstaReal

Benefits of natural astaxanthin for vision and eye health

Medicinal mushrooms

Dr Isaac Eliaz, a pioneer in holistic medicine, reports on nature’s alternative to smart drugs

Lesaffre focuses on women’s health at Vitafoods

Supplier of ingredients, from yeast and bacteria fermentation, presents a range of ingredients with scientific backing

OHSAS 18001 certification granted for Indena main production sites

Sites in Italy and France have a guaranteed satisfactory system to protect employees’ health and safety