Know your supply chain

New fact sheet released by Gnosis highlights the importance of the supply chain for the development of a reliable Vitamin K2 as MK7

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Two in one: sodium and sugar reduction

Clean-label Mediterranean Umami improves favourite sauces

Frutarom now in the top five suppliers of natural colours

Frutarom opens €5 million formulation centre to meet growing demand for natural colours

Hydrosol now offers trend-forward concepts for fruity refreshment drinks

New all-in compounds address growing beverage market with new ideas

Overcoming bitterness in BCAA-based nutrition products

Masking the bitterness of BCAAs is a constant challenge faced by the sports nutrition industry

Firmenich completes acquisition of Flavourome

Firmenich is the world’s largest, privately owned company in the fragrance and flavour sector

Sensient’s all natural flavour collections capture key consumer trends

Authentic florals, herbs, spices, tea and ginger flavours and extracts for contemporary product concepts

Masking the taste of protein

With protein enrichment increasingly moving into more mainstream products, taste has become a crucial concern

ADM brings great-tasting new concepts to FiE 2017

From plant-based "pulled meat" to delicious sugar-reduced chocolate, confectionary, snacks and beverages, Archer ...

Latest developments from Indena at Food ingredients Europe 2017

The use of botanical flavourings to replace synthetic ones or to provide a more natural and genuine taste in food is ...

Using nature’s toolkit to achieve clean label

Brands concerned about clean labelling to improve consumer confidence can achieve this more effectively if they analyse ...

Getting in shape for the sports nutrition flavour revolution

Once the preserve of serious athletes and bodybuilders, sports nutrition products and those enhanced with protein are ...

Taura to showcase sugar-reducing powers of fruit and vegetable pieces

Natural fruit and vegetable pieces are the ideal way to reduce added sugar without compromising on taste, Taura Natural ...

Creamelt 600 LS, a breakthrough in healthier filled chocolate

Unique low saturated filling fat for chocolate indulgence