High-protein shake helps children grow

Nutritional Growth Solutions eyes European kids’ growth

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Palm tocotrienol improves cognitive functions and regulates brain metabolic abnormalities in Alzheimer’s mice model

Supplementation of palm tocotrienol complex is able to improve exploratory activity, memory and learning abilities of ...

Four in five Brits have "no clue" when it comes to taking vitamins

A worrying third don’t know what vitamins they need, but 37% are taking supplements to support their immune system and ...

Stability of vitamin K2 as vitaMK7

New results show good stability of vitamin K2 as vitaMK7 when formulated with different mineral salts

Natural palm mixed-carotenes: benefits beyond clean labels (part II)

When looking in the dictionary, clean means free from dirt, stains or unwanted matter. Similarly, when consumers look ...

Maternal folic acid or multivitamin use and autism spectrum disorder

The association between maternal folic acid and multivitamin supplementation and risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) ...

High vitamin D levels linked to lower cholesterol in children

There is a link between higher serum vitamin D levels and lower plasma cholesterol levels in primary school children, ...

Unfulfilled promises: an industry need for an ethical label standard

The case of vitamin K2: a symptom of a wider challenge

Vitamin K2 RDI programme sprearheaded by NattoPharma

K2 Leader joins with leading researchers to establish basis of a much-needed K2 RDI

Combining calcium and vitamins for bone health

With an increasingly ageing population, maintaining strong bones for as long as possible is a vital issue

Understanding the role of EPA, DHA and vitamins in the pharmaceutical industry

The benefits of micronutrients for human health are widely known and supported by a constantly growing pool of ...

Kappa Bioscience & partners to launch seven new K2VITAL white-label vitamin K2 products at Vitafoods Europe

Kappa Bioscience, maker of K2VITAL vitamin K2 MK-7 will unveil its new ‘ready-to-launch’ product concepts at Vitafoods ...

Kids’ fracture risk and K2 deficiency link presented at international bone conference

WCO-IOF-ESCEO poster presentation highlights implications of correcting vitamin K2 deficiency on children’s bone health