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New all-in compound from Hydrosol for allergen-free alternatives to soy and wheat

Sundogs: vegetable hotdogs with sunflower protein for the first time

Valensa applauds the State of Florida’s new requirements for harvesting saw palmetto berries

Valensa applauds the new rule from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), Division of ...

Europe’s legal cannabis market set to become worth more than €115 billion

A new report from industry advisors, Prohibition Partners, suggests that Europe will become the largest legal cannabis ...

The trial of nutraceuticals

In recent years, food ingredient and nutraceutical manufacturers have increased their appetite for substantiating ...

GELITA AG joins the Animal Welfare Initiative as a sponsoring member

GELITA AG announces it is joining the Animal Welfare Initiative as a sponsoring member

New dedicated website for Stepan's Clarinol CLA brand

The newly designed website and enhanced features demonstrates Stepan’s commitment to promote and increase consumer ...

Taking control of sugar plant emissions

It’s widely understood that improving the efficiency of equipment and processes will make a business more competitive ...

Probiotics improve periodontal health in adolescents

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species of probiotics have been widely studied to support immune, digestive and ...

DuPont and Eurofins bring higher level of transparency to probiotic industry through genetic identification

Eurofins will use DuPont assays to identify probiotics at the strain level

The golden spice with potent neuroprotective benefits

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a well-known Indian spice that has received a great deal of interest from both the medical ...

Unfulfilled promises: an industry need for an ethical label standard

The case of vitamin K2: a symptom of a wider challenge

Advanced equipment enables checking of herbal claims

Quay Pharma is using a Waters UPLC system to provide vital analysis for herbal supplements

Mazza Innovation is acquired by Sensient Technologies

Employment at the expanding Delta facility to be unaffected and expansion plans will remain in place as Mazza receives ...