Life Extension launches nootropic formula

Life Extension's Quick Brain Nootropic formula combines three clinically-studied ingredients shown to encourage faster processing, memory and concentration

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Research reinforces eriocitrin’s benefits for metabolic support

The study, sponsored by Ingredients By Nature, was published in the Journal of Nutritional Science

Akay CurQfen provides cognitive benefits over unformulated curcumin

A study done at Aman Hospital and Research Centre in Gujurat, India, pitted Akay’s formulated curcumin ingredient ...

BGG announces US patent on AstaZine for cardiovascular health

AstaZine is natural astaxanthin, a naturally occurring carotenoid extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae

Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides and their effect on the immune system

In the last decade, mainly owing to increasing demand for sugar reduction and fibre enrichment in the food and beverage ...

DuPont introduces stress relieving probiotic

Surveys suggest 65 percent of adults worldwide indicate stress is a regular part of their daily lives. Prolonged ...

Aker signs pharmaceutical agreement for Lysoveta therapies

Aker BioMarine will continue to seek partnerships within the pharmaceutical space to develop other therapies based on ...

Driving change in blood glucose management

During last year’s virtual Fi Connect event, Dr Kevin Robinson zoomed in to chat with BENEO’s Anke Sentko, Vice ...

Review evaluates fucoidan’s potential to mitigate lung damage

Fucoidan is a highly bioactive compound that occurs naturally in brown seaweeds. It has been researched for anti- ...

Gadot increases zinc supply for fulfil winter demand

The company says zinc has become a popular supplement to fortify immunity during the winter

Making bone health supplements palatable

Martin Koeberle and Verena Garsuch of HERMES PHARMA explore the challenges associated with bringing more convenient ...

Brewing up beverages with benefits

How 2020 has shaped the functional drink industry

Personalised beauty-from-within: a convergence of technology and nature

Both beauty-from-within and clean beauty are experiencing significant growth as consumers continue to recognise the ...

New study confirms correlation between low vitamin K status and more severe COVID-19

Results confirm that vitamin K status is lower in hospitalised patients with COVID-19 compared with healthy population ...

California Prune growers optimistic for 2021, board says

Prune growers say 2020 was a good year for the crop in terms of sizing, quality, flavour and sugar content