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Italian science-based Company specialized in the development and the production of unique food supplements in Functional chewing gums and Functional pectin gummies. The Mission of NTP BIOTECH is to promote health that goes beyond the simple pleasure of chewing.


NTP BIOTECH brings a 20 years of know-how and experience in the development and the production of food supplements and during the last years has dedicated its efforts in the creation of new lines of Functional chewing gums and Pectin Nutraceutical Gummies made of high quality raw materials, by a team of skilled and qualified professionals.

Our Company has trust in the research and development in order to scientifically support its products. The chemistry and microbiology departments have collaborated in the search for integrated solutions that allow the realization of finished products with high scientific value. The union of the properties of plant and herbal extracts with those of the lactic acid bacteria and biological peptides, appropriately formulated, led to the realization of extensive range of high quality and innovative products.

Products & Services

Functional chewing gums

The nutraceutical functional gums produced by our daughter company MD’E GUM offer a new way of bringing health and dental benefits to consumers that goes beyond the simple pleasure of chewing. They can contain vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, antioxidants, caffeine and much more and are designed to enhance specific functions of the body like better performance, mood, whiter teeth, etc...  We became one of the leading producers of compressed functional chewing gum in Europe, with clients that sell their products all over the world.  Our company use a technology of direct compression at low temperature that does not allow the loosing of the unique characteristics of the natural products. Releasing functional ingredients by chewing is easy and pleasant and it becomes an inexpensive and effective way to deliver active ingredients, with medicinal properties to the human body. Click here for more info

NTP Biotech

Functional pectin gummies

Our brand CAND’E offers heart-shaped pectin gummies designed to cover various nutritional needs and to offer nutraceutical ingredients in an alternative and tasty way. Our supplements support the body with simplicity and sweetness, providing a practical and tasty solution and ensuring the right intake of carefully combined active components necessary to support an overall health and well-being regime. CAND’E GUMMIES are suitable for everyone: adults, teens, and children! They are low calorie supplements and with HEALTH CLAIMS – EFSA requirement.

Innovative food supplements

Unique product for oral health - innovative delivery system for natural ingredients in swallowable mouth wash, whose components are Essentials oil, Probiotics, Prebiotic fiber and Lactoferrin. The synergism of the activities of the ingredients and the tailored deliveries is the strength of SYNBIORAL. Developed as a probiotic liquid food supplement in vials, acting as a mouth wash to be swallowed and aimed at the health of the mouth and the prevention of major oral infectious conditions like caries, halitosis, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. The unique formula allows to mix all ingredients only at the time of consumption and to not allow the contact of the various components since probiotics are placed in the dosage cap, while the essential oils are present in the bottle. That allows a greater survival of probiotics that become active with rehydration. The 10 ml vial ensures an optimal amount of useful probiotics for the oral cavity, it has a pleasant taste and odor and is easy to consume and carry around.