100 years of botanical excellence

2021 is a very special year for Indena: 100 years after its birth in 1921 - a century of ideas, inventions, products and patents - Indena is leaving a permanent mark on the industry of nature

Pushing its identity forward, so fundamental to both its science and business, is a key part of the Centennial celebration.

We’d like to celebrate our heritage of botanical excellence unlocking the power of audio to inform, empower and connect people in an exciting journey through time.

Divided into 12 themed podcasts – named “PHYTOCAST” – we will trace our 100 year long history to create, one step at a time, a pleasant experience all year long.

You are invited to preview the first original content regarding our next nature.

Enjoy it and please feel free to forward it to your contacts all over the world.


1921: it was the year a company was created that would first become Inverni Della Beffa and then Indena.

The decades to follow would witness wartime, economic crises, scientific discoveries, space conquests and breath-taking technological development.

One century on – surely the century which has witnessed the most overwhelming shifts in the history of humanity – Indena continues to thrive with the same energy and momentum.

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