A caffeine ingredient with human pharmacokinetic data


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Earlier this year, PLT Health and zümXR, conducted a pharmacokinetic study with human participants that measured the enhanced performance of zümXR Extended Release Caffeine compared to typical instant release caffeine.

Results from this study showed a dramatic increase in caffeine half-life of the zümXR Extended Release Caffeine compared to un-encapsulated, immediate release (IR) caffeine. In this randomised, double-blind, two-way crossover pharmacokinetic (PK) study, the plasma levels of caffeine following consumption of 250 mg of immediate release (anhydrous caffeine) or zümXR Extended Release Caffeine were compared.

Key findings of the study include:

  • zümXR technology extended/increased half-life of caffeine in plasma by 65% (>1.5x)
  • it delivers steadier caffeine plasma levels
  • it offers sustained caffeine plasma levels
  • it provides more consistent caffeine plasma levels
  • zümXR can create a multi-phase release energy supplement when used with immediate release caffeine.

Pharmaceutical technology for designing experiential energy profiles

zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine is a new form of modified release caffeine developed for food, beverage and supplement products. All zümXR ingredients feature state-of-the-art delivery system technology drawn from the pharmaceutical industry, representing a significant step forward from conventional caffeine coating technologies.

A key driver for development of these products was to extend the level of caffeine in the blood, so that the common complaint of 'peaks and crashes' related to standard (immediate release) caffeine consumption is evened out into a steadier level. This technology allows food, beverage and supplement formulators to design custom energy profiles into their products, delivering predictable performance for the consumer.

zümXR Targeted Release is available in Delayed Release, Extended Release and Liquid-Stable Extended Release forms. Both synthetic anhydrous and natural green coffee bean caffeine are available using this technology to respond to different markets and demographics.

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