A multifunctional mineral excipient at CPhI 2018

Omyapharm provides tablets and granules with excellent compactability, mechanical stability and absorption capacity

Mineral producer Omya showcased Omyapharm 500-OG, a multifunctional excipient at the recent CPhI trade show.

The highly porous inactive ingredient facilitates the production of tablets and granules with excellent compactability, good mechanical stability, high absorption capacity and rapid disintegration.

Under the motto “Enlighten your formulation,” CPhI visitors were able to see tablet samples and experience the multiple benefits of Omyapharm first hand.

In a recent study, scientists confirmed the ability of Omyapharm to formulate orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) with enhanced mouthfeel.

The tablets were well accepted by the volunteers and – in correlation with the in vitro model – disintegrated quickly in vivo.

This study proves that Omyapharm can be successfully used as an excipient in ODTs without causing any unpleasant sensations in the mouth.

Further case studies have shown that Omyapharm 500-OG is an excellent filler-binder for tablets in dry granulation processes.

It combines good compactability with a fast disintegration time, thanks to the excellent porosity and specific surface properties of the highly structured mineral.

This results in harder tablets at low compression forces. In addition, Omyapharm can be used as an extremely efficient carrier to convert oils and liquids into compressible powders.

With its state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory for solid dosage forms, Omya is able to provide specific formulation services.

This includes creating innovative mineral solutions for the pharmaceutical market and supporting customers in the development of optimal applications.