Agri-Neo announces Woodland Foods to utilise food safety solution Neo-Pure


Food safety technology company Agri-Neo has announced that Woodland Foods will implement its validated, organic and non-thermal pathogen intervention solution, Neo-Pure

Rob Wong, COO, Agri-Neo

Rob Wong, COO, Agri-Neo

Woodland Foods will utilise the Neo-Pure system on a range of the seeds, grains and nuts it offers, including sesame seeds, quinoa and chia.

Neo-Pure provides food safety as nature intended.

Derived from plants, it harnesses the power of oxygen to control pathogens and unwanted microbes.

The Neo-Pure liquid solution is applied in its dedicated food safety system to ensure total coverage of every nut, seed and grain.

“Neo-Pure’s validated ability to address pathogen risk with no impact to taste or the nutritional characteristics of foods provides tremendous value to businesses across the food service industry looking to enhance food safety and maintain organic certifications,” said Agri-Neo President and COO Rob Wong.

“Woodland Foods is a leader in quality and safety, having attained the highest global food safety standards available and we are proud to have been selected as their food safety partner.”

“Our commitment to excellence in food safety, quality and sourcing are at the cornerstone of the value, variety and convivence we provide our customers,” said David Moore, CEO of Woodland Foods.

“We operate our facilities to conform with the most stringent quality and safety standards in the world and in Agri-Neo have a food safety partner that strengthens our ability to deliver clean, high-quality ingredients."

"The Neo-Pure system is an all-natural and innovative food safety system that further differentiate us in the market place as a trusted specialty food ingredient provider.”

Neo-Pure helps to minimise the risk of pathogens and unwanted microbes in seeds, nuts, grains and sprouting seeds by providing food safety as nature intended.

Derived from plants, it denatures bacterial and fungal cell membranes and DNA on the surface and inside crevices of food, then biodegrades completely into water.

With Neo-Pure, food remains raw with no nutritional impact, certified organic to US NOP and Canadian COR standards, and viable with no impact to sensory, shelf-life or germination.

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With US Food and Drug Administration and US Environmental Protection Agency approvals, Neo-Pure provides the industry with a validated 5-log reduction for a number of seeds, grains and nuts, which complies with the preventive controls requirements under FSMA.


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