Alkemist Labs cuts chromatography and microscopy testing by a day

California lab reduces its botanical and dietary supplement testing turnaround time, from five days to four

Alkemist Labs has announced it has taken a day off of the turnaround time for the most common identity tests they provide: routine HPTLC and microscopy testing. As of 1 March 2019, turnaround time for these tests will be four days.

Elan Sudberg, Alkemist Labs CEO, explains: “While we were consistently delivering accurate results in five days, we know that one less day is an added advantage for our customers. In a climate of frequent consolidation and restructured labs that can adversely impact customer service, we’re proud to meet the needs of our clients.”

The California-based laboratory offers botanical and dietary supplement testing services, performing analytical testing solutions to meet client’s food product safety, transportation and quality guidelines.

Elan said the identity departments were one of the major focuses of the company’s 2018 facility move. Other focuses he revealed were intensive staff training, taking quality and safety in testing to an even higher level, and implementing lean efficiencies in production.

Alkemist aims to operate as a partner to customers, from helping them determine the right test methods to fit their needs, to guiding them through the selection of botanical reference material purchases, to working with all involved parties to resolve failed test results. Answering the need for fast identity testing results without compromising accuracy, is just one more service.