Allmicroalgae to exhibit at Vitafoods expo


The company will use the event to introduce its portfolio of "nutrient-rich, sustainable and vegan-friendly microalgae ingredients"

Allmicroalgae to exhibit at Vitafoods expo

At Vitafoods Expo, Allmicroalgae will showcase its organic spirulina range. Derived from the microalgae Arthrospira platensis, the sun- or spray-dried ingredients are available in paste, powder, nibs and flakes format. They contain protein and dietary fibre, and include essential amino acids as well as antioxidant phycocyanin, iron, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

The combination of plant proteins, iron and vitamin B12 make spirulina-based ingredients suitable for vegan food and supplement concepts, the company says. They can also be incorporated into various food and drink products, such as baked goods, pasta, juices, smoothies and fermented beverages. The nibs can be used as a topping for ice cream, yogurt, salad and cheese. The company will showcase its full range of microalgae ingredients at the booth, including the organic autotrophic Chlorella vulgaris and the heterotrophic smooth, yellow and white Chlorella vulgaris.

The company has installed a production line for spirulina ingredients and plans to further extend annual production capacity from approximately five tons to 20 tons in 2022, with the addition of two more raceways. Joana Laranjeira Silva, Plant and R&D Manager at Allmicroalgae, said: “Spirulina has a long history, with proven evidence that the Aztecs consumed the microalgae. With its unique nutritional profile and low-resource cultivation, this ancient superfood is an innovative solution to the modern-day challenge of making our diets more sustainable while maintaining a nutritional profile that contains all of the required nutrients.”

At its production site in Leiria, the company says its spirulina ingredients can be manufactured according to EU organic standards (PT-BIO-03 EU Agriculture certificate). Its microalgae ingredients are also available in paste form, which is the result of a concentration step that allows the formation of a spirulina cake, which is the final base for conventional ingredients such as powder and nibs. The advantage of the paste format, according to the company, is minimal processing, freshness and natural texture. It also reportedly offers advantages for the production of refrigerated and frozen food, such as dairy fermented products, juices, ice cream and sauces.

For the production of powders and nibs, the company is investing in gentle solar drying to maintain the ingredient's nutritional profile, and its bioactive properties. The latter are said to be related to anti-fatigue effects and support type 2 diabetes treatments, anaemia, pulmonary diseases, muscle and skeletal health.

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All the company's ingredients are classified as food by EFSA and FDA, and are produced in line with Halal, Kosher and GMP requirements. They are also free of common allergens and processed without the use of fertilisers, pesticides and irradiation.