Allmicroalgae to significantly increase output of algae-based ingredients


The growth plans include the installation of a second fermenter

Allmicroalgae to significantly increase output of algae-based ingredients

Allmicroalgae has revealed its expansion plans. By 2022, a nominal production capacity of 120 tons raw material per year is expected, an increase of more than 50% of current capacities and even a doubling compared to the initial volume.

Its also planning to expand its capabilities to produce specific species tailor-made to customer requirements for different market sectors: Allmicroalgae’s algae species Nannochloropsis oceanica, Chlorella vulgaris, Tetraselmis chuii, Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Scenedesmus sp., are sources of macro- and micronutrients with valuable nutritional profiles, and various functionalities. They’re suitable for use in food supplements targeted at the sport and fitness sectors in addition to feed and cosmetic applications.

The microalgae are cultivated in photobioreactors and fermentation vessels, with continuous monitoring of cultural parameters and contaminants, before biomass is harvested through ultrafiltration. They are then spray dried and packed in a protective atmosphere, with each batch verified as free of contaminants by an independent third-party laboratory.

Allmicroalgae does not use fertilisers or pesticides in the species it produces and is committed to using minimal energy. Furthermore, the water that circulates in photobioreactors is reused, as are any nutrients still present in the water after production.

“The rapidly growing market for natural, sustainable ingredients with added health benefits proves the importance of our goal to make nutritious and sustainable microalgae accessible to all. In response to the increasing demand for algae-based solutions, we are more than happy to be able to expand delivery and to further approve services to our customers,” says Margarida Eustáquio, who is responsible for Business Development at Allmicroalgae.

“Our products combine the best of both worlds – excellent functionality and a clear ethical conscience. Our expansion demonstrates perfectly that economic growth and sustainability can be smartly combined when using future-proof raw materials and techniques.”

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Allmicroalgae expansion plans were given a boost recently thanks to the announcement of a partnership with Greentech. The joint venture is supporting Allmicroalgae to expand its global presence.