Aurea Biolabs launches full spectrum ginger ingredient Ginactiv


Aurea Biolabs, a leading developer of innovative branded ingredients has announced the launch of Ginactiv, a potent full spectrum ginger ingredient

Ginactiv leverages Aurea’s proprietary Polar–Non Polar Sandwiching technology (PNS), which has been shown to increase the bioefficacy and bioavailability of ingredients without the use of excipients.

Ginactiv via PNS sandwiches gingerols between polar (fibre and protein from ginger) and non-polar (ginger essential oil) components to recreate a natural ginger matrix.

Ginactiv is 100% ginger with three standardised actives, a high level of gingerols along with shogaols and volatile oil.

“Ginger has widely documented benefits in a number of categories, including digestive, immune and cardiovascular health. Put into the PNS system, Aurea has been able to create a truly innovative low dose offering while maintaining the goodness of the entire ginger root” says Dr Sreeraj Gopi, Aurea’s Chief Science Officer.

Aurea Biolabs is an innovation focused producer of proprietary, science-based ingredients for the functional food and nutritional supplement markets.

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In late 2019, Aurea established North American operations to bring its highly innovative ingredients and technologies direct to the market.