Azelis releases ‘Action 2025’ sustainability plan


The plan, built on four pillars, confirms sustainability as a key driver in the company’s growth strategy

Azelis releases ‘Action 2025’ sustainability plan

Azelis has released its ‘Action 2025’ sustainability strategy, reinforcing the company’s goal to become a “world-leading provider of sustainable solutions and services in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients distribution industry”.

The company’s sustainability journey started in 2015 when it defined the fundamentals of its sustainability program, following the Paris Agreement on climate change and the release of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the UN.

The programme is based on the UN Global Compact initiative, ISO 26000 and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The program consists of four pillars: people, products, governance and environment.

The company has now redefined its sustainability strategy – based on the four pillars set out above – and set targets for 2025. To reach these 2025 targets, the company will be launching several initiatives in the coming years and intensifying existing initiatives.

One target is to identify sustainable products within the company’s portfolio, to bring additional value to customers and help them to achieve sustainability goals. This identification is done in collaboration with Azelis’ principals. A member of Together for Sustainability and measuring and reporting on sustainability efforts within the EcoVadis framework, Azelis will continue with sustainability assessments to help its suppliers in developing sustainability practices, it says.

‘Action 2025’ is based on learnings the company gathered from interviews with suppliers and customers, results and improvement suggestions from its EcoVadis assessment, input from business representatives, and the materiality assessment exercise Azelis performed last year in the context of its first sustainability report. The company has also committed to publishing sustainability reports annually, communicating on progress and provide further information in this important area.

Dr Hans Joachim Müller, Azelis CEO, said: “We are part of a global industry that plays a significant role in the economy of the world and we have an obligation to utilize the world's resources in a sustainable manner. Aligned with our brand promise ‘Innovation through formulation’, it is our aspiration to contribute to a more sustainable future by connecting and empowering both principals and customers to work on the development of sustainable chemical solutions through innovation. Our innovations catalyse sustainability in the market segments we serve and their value chains, and will help realize concepts such as circular economy. Our sustainability reputation and our EcoVadis Gold ratings have already positively influenced commercial decisions of some our partners. It remains crucial to our sustainability ambitions that we continue to work with the best partners who equally respect human rights, environment and fair business practices.”

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Maria J. Almenar Martin, Group SHEQ & Sustainability Director, said: “Our sustainability ambitions have been captured in a more formalized way since the creation of our sustainability program back in 2015 and have now entered a new phase with the launch of our 2025 sustainability strategy. In an ever-changing industry and world, Azelis’ ambitions for a sustainable future will never stop. We want to engage our current and potential partners to contribute to our sustainable cause, next to converting the sustainability aspirations of our principals and customers into innovative sustainable solutions. We also wish to set an example for our peers and motivate them to also embark on the journey to a sustainable business model.”