BENEO’s game-changing ingredients offer winning results at HiE


At this year’s Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) in Frankfurt, BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers in functional ingredients, demonstrated how the industry can create innovative, sportified food and drink products that are relevant and appealing to mainstream consumers

With an impressive 29% increase in the number of product launches carrying some kind of sports claim during the past 2 years, many manufacturers are making moves to help consumers meet their increasing desire to lead healthier, more active lives.

Thomas Schmidt, Marketing Director at BENEO, comments: “The particular challenge is that sportified products should be for everybody, not just for athletes."

"Our focus on sportified products for mainstream consumers has shone the light on the growth potential available to manufacturers who are prepared to be innovative. As more products become available to mainstream consumers, the sports market is forecast to reach more than €15 billion in 2021, presenting a significant growth opportunity for food and drink manufacturers around the world.”

Active consumers want products that help them to look and feel good, manage their busy day and maintain a healthier weight.

This means that blood sugar management, sustained energy and the fat burning impact are of great importance to them.

At present however, a lot of sports and fitness-related products on the market contain ‘fast carbohydrates’ such as maltodextrin, glucose syrup and sucrose, which release glucose into the bloodstream very quickly and generally suppress fat oxidation.

Although suitable for those in need of instant energy, high-glycaemic carbohydrates are not ideal for consumers looking for endurance in their training, for day-to-day sports activities, or for achieving balanced energy levels throughout the day.

For those who have ever wondered about the fitness levels of endurance athletes, they were also able to compete or ride alongside professional triathlete, Marc Rink, to test their own racing capabilities. At BENEO’s stand he demonstrated the endurance potential of Palatinose as he cycled throughout the event.

Schmidt, continues: “BENEO’s Palatinose provides full carbohydrate energy in a more balanced and sustained way, delivering true fuel for life."

"It has been used in a variety of food and drink solutions that we presented at HiE to highlight the potential that this low glycaemic, yet fully digestible carbohydrate, offers to mainstream sportified applications. This makes BENEO’s Palatinose an essential part of the conversation when talking about developing products that truly support active lifestyles.”

BENEO’s Palatinose acts as a necessary energy source for the body during activity. As this carbohydrate is fully, yet slowly released it provides glucose (the most effective source of energy for the human body) in a sustained manner. This ensures blood sugar levels stay balanced, which helps to support an improved fat burning rate.

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The team at the BENEO-Technology Center has created a range of new product samples, all of which promote a reduced blood glucose response and were available at BENEO’s exhibition booth, including

  • an isotonic blackcurrant sports drink with Palatinose, guarana and juice; this unique blend delivers isotonic refreshment and a reduced blood glucose response
  • an energising pink grapefruit-flavoured water containing Palatinose. With a delicate sweet taste this natural, revitalising refreshment provides hydration and healthy blood sugar levels at the same time
  • a breakfast almond chocolate drink with a velvety mouthfeel that is high in fibre and induces a healthy blood glucose response due to Palatinose and the chicory fibre Orafti Inulin
  • a creamy and indulgent, dairy free vanilla pudding with rice flour, rice syrup, rice starch and Palatinose that supports balanced blood sugar levels.

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