Balchem enters agreement to produce functional children's food

The company is working with the author of Ninja Life Hacks, a children’s publishing property dedicated to empowerment

Balchem Corporation, a global ingredient supplier, has entered into an agreement in connection with the author of the children’s book series Ninja Life Hacks to secure strategic partners for branded food products aimed to promote a healthy emotional and physical relationship with foods. The partnership was brokered by The Brand Liaison as licensing agent for Ninja Life Hacks. The products will range from healthy foods and dietary supplements for cognitive health, to ice creams, and will be developed for specific partners and retailers.

Ninja Life Hacks, a children’s publishing property, is dedicated to empowerment and aims to give children the skills to cultivate a growth mindset, develop confidence, grit and emotional intelligence. Author Mary Nhin is a mother of three young boys whose daily encounters with life emotions inspired her to create Ninja Life Hacks.

Three areas where Balchem’s food technology will be used to ‘bring the brand to life’ are: brain power, emotional well-being, and immune health & nutrition. The company will work with partners to bring these branded snacks to market. The Ninja Life Hacks characters assist in building avenues for conversation, with the ultimate goal of bringing emotional and physical health discussions to the kitchen, lunchroom, and dinner table.

Author Mary Nhin said: “A healthy relationship with food is key to children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. The combination of Balchem’s unique food technology and featured Ninja Life Hacks characters will help to foster this positive relationship.”

“Together we will take the science of nutrition and make it understandable for kids and their parents through the Ninja Life Hacks characters,” said Shitij Chabba, Vice President Minerals & Nutrients and Global Marketing, Balchem Human Nutrition & Health. “Our partners innovating in kid-focused products can leverage our collaboration and science-backed ingredients to create products that resonate with parents looking to nourish and delight their kids every day.”