Bened signs deal with Australian supplement provider

Bened and BioCeuticals have signed an exclusive deal for the PS128 strain of probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum

An exclusive deal for PS128 has been signed between Bened and BioCeuticals, an Australian provider of nutritional and therapeutic supplements.

PS128 is a Lactobacillus plantarum strain that has been demonstrated to boost dopamine and serotonin in the brain in vivo. During a meeting organised by the office of Austrade in Taipei, PS128 raised the interest of BioCeuticals for its capability to reduce oxidative stress and attenuate behavioural conditions in children.

After the approval and the publication of two clinical studies confirming the efficiency of PS128 on humans, the Group decided to move into action through this exclusive contract.

The Blackmores Group is one of the biggest suppliers of vitamins and supplements in the region, with both consumer and practitioner brands. The Group’s BioCeuticals brand supplies health professionals with practitioner-only, therapeutic supplements. The Group generated over $300m sales revenues in 2017.

“Bened Biomedical is glad to supply the Blackmores Group, including BioCeuticals, with custom PS128 finished products. The Blackmores Group is a true key player in Asia. With its exclusive PS128 probiotic products, the Group will be able to help more people,” said Alain Delpy, Head of International Business Development for Bened Biomedical.

The PS128 products will be licensed to multiple Blackmores Group family brands including BioCeuticals, Blackmores, and beyond.

“The multi-brand exclusive licensing agreement will allow the Blackmores Group to greatly increase the penetration rate and market potential for PS128 in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We are very pleased to see PS128 now available in all major continents in the world,” said Frankie Cheng, CEO of Bened Biomedical.