Beneo brings healthy toffees to the market


Functional ingredients provider have announced their new product concept, the first toffees to contain Palatinose

A new product concept by Beneo will be showcased and sampled at this year’s ISM trade fair. The healthier toffee alternative will be the first to contain the functional carbohydrate, Palatinose.

Palatinose (isomaltulose) is derived from sugar beet with similar properties to sucrose. It replaces more than 30% of the high glycaemic sugars in normal toffee. The functional carbohydrate is also fully, yet slowly released, and provides glucose in a sustained manner. This ensures that blood sugar levels stay balanced.

The glucose replacement has additionally been claimed by the EU to be toothfriendly.

Of the new toffee Thomas Schmidt, Beneo’s Marketing Director said: “It preserves the traditionally creamy-sweet taste and the pleasant bite and mouthfeel of their traditional counterparts. But they have a significantly better nutritional profile, with a lower blood glucose response. This is Beneo’s answer to growing consumers interest in “better carbs” and their wish to balance blood sugar levels whilst enjoying an indulgent treat.”

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With over a third of UK consumer feeling guilty when that snack, according to a Health Focus International 2018 global trend study, lack of variety in healthy snack seems to be a reason.