Bioiberica presents advantages of nucleotides in porcine nutrition

At the Oiporc Conference in Peru, Bioiberica and their local distributor Quimtia, sponsored a lecture by Enrique F. López on the effects of nucleotides on sows and piglets

Bioiberica attended the IV Oiporc Congress and VI International Congress in pig-farming held this week in Lima, Peru, attended by major firms in the porcine sector.

The congress delved into the key themes affecting the development of the pig-farming sector at both the Ibero-American and international level.

Enrique Fabián López, Product Manager of Bioiberica’s Animal Nutrition Division, presented a talk on “Nucleotides in porcine nutrition and its effects on sows and their offspring”. This talk was made possible by the collaboration between Bioiberica and Quimtia, the distributor of Bioiberica’s products in Peru and Colombia.

Bioiberica’s Animal Nutrition Division specialises in the development, production and marketing of high quality ingredients for fodder for farm and pet animals.

The company has more than 20 years’ experience in the development of specific ingredients to help strengthen animals’ health.

Nucleoforce Piglets is the nucleotide-rich ingredient specifically designed to reinforce the immune and intestine system of sows and piglets. It is a supplement playing a key role in promoting the digestive health of animals, improving production, both in adults and during growth.