Biosearch Life applies for international anti-ageing patent

Spanish company has designed a new product that combines plant extracts with DHA rich oil

Biosearch Life has recently developed a new composition comprised of plant extracts and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) for use in the prevention or reduction of cognitive impairment associated with age.

The objective of the research is to alleviate the changes that lead to the decrease of cognitive abilities during brain ageing.

Monica Olivares, director of R&D at Biosearch Life, said: “This new patent opens a great opportunity for the prevention and treatment of cognitive impairment through a multifunctional natural strategy.”

Olivares added that the company hopes to launch soon.


Although the origin of ageing alterations is diverse, oxidative stress, inflammation, vascularisation problems or insulin resistance explain some of the pathophysiological mechanisms of these brain function abnormalities.

Biosearch Life, with its portfolio of products, has designed this new product that combines plant extracts with DHA rich oil. More specifically, the mixture is made up of three plant extracts that address the problem of cognitive impairment from different fronts: (i) Ginkgo biloba, which improves brain vascularisation, (ii) Ursolia, a sage extract with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and (iii) Carositol, a carob extract rich in Pinitol, for its effect on the insulin response together with DHA, a fatty acid with recognised beneficial effects on brain function.


To select the most suitable ingredients, models in rodents and zebrafish have been used to show the different neuroprotective capacities of each of them.

The results obtained with the combination of ingredients in mouse models of accelerated ageing show a major improvement in short and long-term memory capacities, one of the main symptoms associated with this problem. The animals that receive the product avoid the cognitive impairment associated with ageing and maintain the memory capacities of a young mouse.

The graph shows that mice receiving the combination of extracts + DHA
have short and long memory values comparable to those of a young mouse

Furthermore, improvements in physical appearance are also shown, achieving a rejuvenating effect. In the case of the rodents treated, a stronger and brighter coat is evident against the deteriorated texture of the older model.

The photograph shows the improvement in the physical appearance of the mice

The mixture and its uses have recently been protected through the deposit of a new international patent application in the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office, the title of which is: Compositions for Use in the Treatment of Cognitive Disorders.

The invention has been developed within the framework of the Research and Development Project “GERAS: Nature as a Source of health for the Elderly” (IDI-20190733), supported by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CITD) and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Multiregional Programme of Spain 2014-2020. The University of Barcelona and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation have also collaborated with Biosearch life in the project.

These results are part of the company’s commitment in its line of research on pathologies associated with the senior stage in order to develop new natural ingredients capable of preventing and / or treating health problems that affect this group of the population.