Biosearch Life launches clinical trial on probiotic to aid COVID-19


A new trial has been launched to measure Hereditum Immunactiv K8 probiotic effectiveness in reducing the incidence and/or severity of COVID-19 infection

Biosearch Life launches clinical trial on probiotic to aid COVID-19

Biosearch Life has launched a clinical trial project for its Hereditum Immunactiv K8 probiotic, with the aim of measuring its effectiveness in reducing the incidence and/or severity of COVID-19 infection.

The strain L. coryniformis CECT5711 K8 has already shown in several studies to be an effective enhancer of the immune response. These studies include two clinical trials in humans in vaccination protocols against the hepatitis A and influenza viruses. The effect was especially powerful in the senior population, the most susceptible to infections and in which vaccination against influenza is recommended, due to the higher rate of complications it causes in this population.

Response to influenza vaccine was improved in this population when taking Hereditum Immunactiv K8, demonstrating that the attenuated/killed virus of the vaccines was better recognised by the immune system, increasing the response.

The effectiveness of this probiotic was also demonstrated by reducing the incidence of local symptoms related to respiratory infections such as cough, nasal congestion and sore throat, by 48.3%. In fact, pain reliever consumption in these older adults was reduced by up to 86%.

With the aim of further understanding the applications of the product and with confidence in the benefits that this strain can have against coronavirus, the company has launched a clinical trial project. The first study, which started on April 23, 2020, will be carried out on healthcare personnel in contact with patients with COVID-19.

The study, which will include 320 volunteers, will be carried out at the San Cecilio Clinical University Hospital in Granada. The results are expected to be obtained in the third quarter of the year.

If the benefits of Hereditum Immunactiv K8 are confirmed, it would be an important milestone in the fight against COVID-19 through a preventive strategy based on strengthening the immune system. Hereditum Immunactiv K8 would thus act as an ally in the situations of greatest vulnerability and exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

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Jose María Roset, CEO of Biosearch Life, said: "The new clinical trials that we are launching with Hereditum Immunactiv K8 are a mandatory exercise of responsibility, given the history of the product and the opportunity they represent to contribute to the fight against this pandemic. From Biosearch Life we are putting all our energy and enthusiasm into this project."