Biosearch and By-Health collaborate on infant probiotics


The infant formula market in China is immense, as it is one of the countries with the lowest rate of breastfeeding in the world (around 20%, compared to the global average of 41%)

Biosearch and By-Health collaborate on infant probiotics

Biosearch Life and By-Health have signed an R&D agreement and a contract for the supply of isolated strains from breast milk from the Hereditum range, aimed at child care.

Signing the agreement in May, the companies made a commitment to collaborate in the development of applications from probiotic strains isolated from breast milk, mainly focused on children's health. The companies will collaborate scientific research, technology, product development and marketing, specifically for the Chinese, New Zealand and Australian markets, without prejudice to the possibility of extending into other areas of interest.

The probiotic strains from Biosearch Life's Hereditum range have been selected from hundreds of isolated strains obtained from breast milk for their beneficial effects in children, reportedly preventing common childhood infections. The efficacy and safety of both strains has been demonstrated through several clinical trials, the companies say.

The LC40 strain is among the 10 probiotic strains registered in China for use in infant formula.

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José María Roset, CEO of Biosearch Life, said: “For Biosearch it is very important to be able to count on collaborators at the level of By-Health in such a demanding and, at the same time, promising market as the Asian market, in particular the Chinese. We are convinced that this new trade, business and research relationship, will be very positive for both parties”.