Bonne Santé Group enters contract manufacturing agreement with SolisLabs


SolisLabs is a nutritional supplement company with a focus on dietary supplements

Bonne Santé Group and its subsidiary, Bonne Santé Natural Manufacturing, has entered into a strategic agreement with SolisLabs to manufacture a broad range of SolisLabs' products. SolisLabs is a nutritional supplement company with a focus on dietary supplements.

SolisLabs has been engaged in the provision of high quality natural dietary supplements on a global basis since February 2015. The range of its pure, safe and effective raw products includes offerings specific to helping with diabetes, blood sugar, cholesterol, fertility, PCOS, menopause, weight loss, probiotics, digestive enzymes, coconut oil, MCT, protein powders, amino acids, turmeric, and many more.

The supplements made from these quality raw materials are highly efficient and reliable with advanced formulation methodologies that are proven to produce high-quality unique products lines.

"Bonne Santé's high-level manufacturing capabilities are a perfect complement to SolisLabs' extraordinary line of products and we look forward to working together," said Ryan Zackon, CEO for Bonne Santé. "I have known Sarah for many years and have witnessed first-hand the success she has created in SolisLabs, with quality-focused products while simultaneously providing exceptional turn-key solutions to her customers."

"We have an overarching commitment to quality at every level of our superior line of supplements. It is more than clear, given Bonne Santé Natural Manufacturing's capabilities, they are the perfect partner for us," Sarah Whyte, CEO and Founder of SolisLabs said. "SolisLabs mandates partners who are as committed as we are to the manufacturing of world-class products. We believe that is Bonne Santé Natural Manufacturing."

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The SolisLabs product lines are being manufactured and fulfilled through Bonne Santé's manufacturing facility which is a 22,000 sqft FDA-certified facility in Doral, Florida.