Boosting innovation in weight management: new research and approved claims on Sinetrol


Fytexia will showcase its proven fat burning solution Sinetrol at SSW

Fytexia will showcase its proven fat burning solution Sinetrol at SSW, promoting a recent publication of human data and a successful registration with weight management claims in Canada. The supplier aims at offering new product development options to market players in that category.

Specializing in clinically researched combinations of polyphenols inspired from the Mediterranean health benefits, Fytexia designed Sinetrol as a synergy of citrus flavanones to promote lipolysis in humans. The company added strong arguments to support this benefit in June 2015, by releasing the third peer-reviewed publication of human clinical data on Sinetrol. The new article highlights compelling fat burning results in men: abdominal fat loss (-9.74%) and waist size decrease (-3 inches). Additionally, the reported data suggest lean muscle mass preservation effects.

To support further innovation in weight management, Fytexia completed a registration of Sinetrol in Canada where authorities assessed the research behind the claims. Upon delivery of an NPN, Health Canada gave its official approval to promote weight loss benefits on labels. In addition to opening a new market, this success shows that the science and results on Sinetrol are strong enough to be recognised at regulatory level.

Fytexia's goal with Sinetrol at SSW is to provide opportunities for exciting new product developments in the weight management market, which has been a critical challenge for supplement companies this past year.

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Fytexia will be exhibiting at booth #437, presenting Sinetrol along with other clinically researched polyphenol combinations for human health improvement.