Botanical extract reduces knee pain


The ingredient, branded by ENovate Biolife as Muvz, was administered to 40 physically active men and women aged 20–60 years

Botanical extract reduces knee pain

ENovate Biolife’s new botanical ingredient shows meaningful pain relief in less than 4 hours, according to a recent study. 

The ingredient, branded by ENovate Biolife as Muvz, was administered to 40 physically active men and women aged 20–60 years with no or minimal pain at rest (Visual Analog Scale (VAS) score ≤ 30 mm).

However, they had a history of knee pain from physical stress (walking, running, cycling, etc.). Participants self-reported joint pain of ≥ 60 on a 100 mm VAS scale after walking on a treadmill using modified Naughton’s protocol. 

In this latest published study, the participants received 200 mg twice daily or placebo for 5 days, and researchers investigated time taken to achieve meaningful pain relief (MPR) (≥40% reduction in post-exertion pain score from baseline) post-first dose of intervention on day 1 compared to placebo, along with secondary parameters such as post-exertion pain intensity difference (PID), time-weighted sum of pain intensity difference (SPID) over 4 hours post first dose on day 1. 

The participants continued to take 200mg twice daily of the interventions and the post-exertion pain VAS score at 4 hours was again measured on day 5.

The average time to achieve MPR was 3.38 hours, 32.5% participants achieved this in the intervention group post first-dose on day 1 as opposed to the placebo where no participant achieved MPR.

There were significant intergroup differences in PID (−23.58 vs 2.45 mm) and SPID (−67.48 vs −0.08mm) at 4 hours after intervention of Muvz V/s placebo on day 1.

Also, 95% of participants in the Muvz group experienced some degree of pain relief within 2 hours compared to 37.5% in placebo group.

The authors concluded that a single dose of this Vitex negundo Ginger proprietary extract provided a statistically significant as well as clinically meaningful reduction in exercise-induced knee joint discomfort within 4 hours of administration.

Overall, the ingredient significantly improved the exercise-induced acute knee joint pain at 2 hours which continued till 4 hours after a single dose of 200 mg. This pain relief was considered meaningful by 32.5% participants. 

Muvz was found to be safe in this study with no adverse events reported and the vitals of blood pressure and pulse rate were stable for all participants.

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The ingredient has another study completed to be published soon, showing same week benefits in low back discomfort induced functional disability, pain intensity and bending flexibility where participants had reported persistent low back discomfort prior to the study in area between 12th rib and buttock creases.