Calanus As is granted Novel Food approval for Calanus Oil in the EU

Calanus Oil is a novel marine oil with an excellent bioavailability profile for EPA and DHA and positive effects on metabolic health

After many years of product development including pre-clinical and early clinical testing, Calanus Oil has finally been approved for the EU market.

“Contrary to what was regarded as the ‘scientific truth’ when we started, we have not only shown that wax esters are an excellent form of omega-3 fatty acids, but also that Calanus Oil has different and more pronounced effects on counteracting metabolic changes associated with obesity development and unhealthy lifestyles”, said Gunnar Rørstad, CEO at Calanus As.

Calanus Oil is a patented product, which differs significantly from fish and krill oil in lipid-class composition and is currently the only marine omega-3 product predominantly consisting of liquid wax esters.

The Novel Food approval means EU Authorities endorse Calanus Oil as a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and that it is safe to consume.

Calanus As is a biomarine company pioneering the use of the crustacean Calanus finmarchicus.

This small pelagic zooplankter, with a life span of one year, is the most numerous animal species on the planet and represents the largest harvestable biomass on the Northern hemisphere.

Located in Tromsø — Norway’s largest seafood port and the “Gateway to the Arctic” — Calanus As is firmly rooted in a community built on harvesting of seafood and on research for sustainable management and utilisation of marine resources.

The Norwegian Fisheries Management Authorities have recently developed a management plan and proposed to open for commercial harvesting of Calanus finmarchicus, with an initial annual quota of 254 tonnes. Calanus As is currently harvesting under a research permit, in collaboration with fishing vessel companies.

“Going forward, we will increase our harvesting and manufacturing capacities and offer our product to new business customers in the EU and elsewhere. Moreover, our ambition is to invest in clinical documentation with the objective to apply for approval of health claims for Calanus Oil,” said Rørstad.