Capsugel to showcase innovative dosage forms and technologies at Vitafoods Europe 2017

Capsugel will be showcasing its cutting-edge delivery systems and ready-to-market concepts for the nutraceuticals industry at Vitafoods Europe 2017

Visitors to stand I10 will discover how Capsugel’s high-quality, innovative dosage forms and solutions can help them capitalise on such emerging consumer trends as healthy ageing, sports nutrition and digestive health, while standing out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Products to be showcased include Capsugel’s Licaps fast-release liquid and multiparticulates filled capsules that protect against the oxidation of sensitive ingredients, while also enabling unique formulations for improved product performance; and DUOCAP, a capsule-in-capsule delivery system that is ideally suited for combining usually incompatible formulas in a single dosage form or for enabling two different release profiles for a single active ingredient.

Visitors can learn more about Capsugel’s DUOCAP technology as part of the Vitafoods LaunchPad showcase on 9 May at 14:25, when Capsugel will present a new, market-ready healthy ageing product that combines bone and cardiovascular health benefits in one daily supplement.

Capsugel will also be highlighting how food supplement manufacturers can address the needs of an ageing population through true innovation at the Life Stages Theatre on 11 May at 12:30.

In addition to beadlets, Capsugel will be showcasing at its booth its lipid multiparticulate (LMP) technology.

Targeted at sports nutrition applications, the company’s solvent-free, clean label LMP technology is designed to improve the performance of nutritional actives through controlled release and bioavailability enhancement, as well as taste and odor masking.

Ideal for inclusion in a broad range of dosage forms including ready-to-mix blends, LMP technology is suitable for use with such ingredients as phosphatidic acid. LMPs also taste-mask Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), improving consumer acceptance.

The booth, which will also feature dedicated pods highlighting the latest innovations in such popular applications as clean label, probiotics, healthy ageing and sports nutrition, will enable visitors to discover how Capsugel’s solutions can optimise ingredient performance and keep pace with consumer preferences.

Highlights include Plantcaps capsules, a more natural vegetarian capsule made from pullulan. Balancing performance and purity, Plantcaps capsules are aimed at health-conscious shoppers.

Capsugel’s booth will also highlight the company’s Ultra III technology, a cGMP-compliant capsule filling machine. Filling up to 33,000 capsules per hour, the state-of-the-art machine simplifies production processes to help bring products to market more quickly, while ensuring cleanliness and protecting product integrity.

“With growing health awareness across the globe, consumers are looking for health and nutritional products that deliver improved performance and meet their individual preferences,” said Erasmo Schutzer, Sr Vice President, Consumer Health & Nutrition and Chief Marketing Officer at Capsugel.

“Our advanced technologies enable manufacturers to select innovative dosage forms for optimising ingredient performance, while addressing a wide range of consumer trends."

Vitafoods is an ideal opportunity for customers to speak with an experienced member of our team and discuss complex formulation challenges or opportunities for co-innovation.”