Christian Eriksen partners with STATE Drinks, the company behind the new Danish performance enhancing drink

The Danish start-up introduced its first product in Denmark less than one year ago, and has plans to expand into the other Nordic countries and the UK

The Danish football star, Christian Eriksen, partners with the company behind STATE - the balanced energy drink.

STATE is developed in a close co-operation with top performing athletes, nutrition professionals and technical specialists in Denmark. The objective is to create the best performance enhancing product possible by combining a high and lasting energy level with a stable blood glucose level and a mental balance throughout performances.

Following several years of intensive development, STATE was launched in Denmark in the autumn of 2015, and has since become a sought-after product among athletes and people with an active lifestyle.

Conceived by the Danish founder and CEO of STATE Drinks, Jon Andersen, during a stay in the Faroe Islands in 2012, the idea behind STATE has been to create the definitive performance enhancing drink by uniting the best positive mental and physical effects in one and the same product, and thereby making a noticeable difference for those who strive to perform even better.

The Danish national football team star and profile at Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, Christian Eriksen, now enters into partnership with the Danish company. 'Christian Eriksen is one of the best football players in the world and, at the same time, an athlete that matches perfectly with our philosophy of creating the best possible prerequisites for top performance and an active life. STATE, however, is more than a philosophy. It is a product also offering a lead in competitive sports, even at the highest level. We are very excited about the new partnership and cannot imagine a better ambassador – both on and off the field and we are simply thrilled that the greatest Danish star has now become a part of STATE – a perfect match,' says Jon Andersen, founder and CEO of STATE Drinks.

Christian Eriksen continues: 'As an athlete I am always focused on my own development and performance and I will always look for opportunities to improve. For me, a lot is in the details, whether it is extra training, extra rest or extra attention to nutrition – all are important keys to success. STATE is a high quality product. The presence of Jens Bangsbo who is an authority in this field has been important for me to join.'

STATE is the new and innovative solution to enhancing performance: 'The prerequsites for the perfect performance is not only a high energy level, but also a stable blood glucose level as well as a mental balance when performing. Today we only know about drinks containing sugar or being sugar free, and most of us are either afraid of calories or are not conscious about the importance of the right type of carbohydrates in relation to performance,' says Jon Andersen.

STATE contains Palatinose, which is the only low glycaemic carbohydrate providing balanced energy and a more stable blood glucose level compared with other sugar based products. In addition, STATE contains the key performance enhancing ingredients caffeine, taurine and B vitamins, and is combined with a significant amount of green tea extract to enhance a mental balance in combination with caffeine.

Jens Bangsbo, Professor, Deputy Head of Research in the Department of Integrated Physiology at the University of Copenhagen, is also among the shareholders of STATE: 'I like the philosophy in STATE of helping people on a daily basis and in the context of sports. The products developed by STATE now, and also the products in the pipeline, can benefit many people. They take into account some of the challenges in the sports drinks and energy drinks we know today,' he says.

'One of the key features of STATE is the unique carbohydrate, Palatinose, which is absorbed in the bloodstream at a slower pace compared with other sugar types. As a result, one can avoid the short energy peak that subsequently can affect your work negatively,' added Jens Bangsbo.


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