Cuppanut launches one-of-a-kind coconut tea range


Developed by Pop Idol and theatre star, Gareth Gates, Cuppanut’s new coconut tea range is packed full of natural coconut goodness

A delicious range of one-of-a-kind teas, packed with the health benefits of fresh coconut, cranberry, ginger and turmeric will launch next week. Created by theatre star and Pop Idol alum, Gareth Gates Cuppanut is the first ever pure coconut caffeine free tea to go on sale in the UK.

Cuppanut harnesses the superfood benefits of coconut to deliver fresh, delicious fusions of pure, raw goodness for healthy lifestyles full of flavour. With no caffeine and no nasty hidden ingredients, Cuppanut is available in three blends, each bursting with fruity, spicy aromas and overflowing with healthy nutrients.

Cuppanut founder, Gareth Gates, said: 'I am thrilled to announce the launch of a range of teas filled with healthy benefits and with real coconut as its main ingredient. Spurred on by my love of coconut and my continuing desire for a healthy lifestyle, I often experimented in my kitchen for fun, never thinking that one day my teas could become a reality.'

Coconut is one of the nation’s favourite superfoods, with coconut oils, waters, health food bars, flour and even coconut sugar taking supermarket shelves by storm. A staple in Asian diets, Britain’s appetite for the tropical nut is also booming; last year, coconut water was the fastest growing soft drink in the country. Despite our love affair with the nut, there hasn’t yet been a pure coconut tea. Until now.

The bountiful health benefits of coconut include rehydration (it’s packed with electrolytes) and obesity prevention thanks to properties that speed up metabolism. Coconut flesh also provides healthy short chain and medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), which are essential to good health and contribute to better heart health.

As well as their revitalising, re-energising and taste bud tingling properties, cranberry, ginger and turmeric each lend their own heavyweight health benefits to Cuppanut’s generous helping of raw, fresh coconut.

Cranberries are regularly ranked as one of the world’s healthiest super foods owing to their nutrient and antioxidant content. They promote good cardiovascular health and have anticancer properties.

Ginger, which features in the Coconut Ginger and Turmeric fusion, is one of the healthiest spices on the planet, known to be loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds for healthy minds and bodies.

Rounding out the quadruple of ultra-healthy ingredients is turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory compound known to increase the antioxidant capacity in the body and neutralise free radicals. It can also lower the risk of heart disease, is thought to have anticancer links and has been used in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease, depression and Arthritis.

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Cuppanut will officially launch on 18 April at the Food and Drink Expo at the NEC Birmingham. Visit stand F151 in Hall 6. A media launch with Gareth will take place at 1.00 pm.