Cutting-edge science meets global consumer trends in Vitafoods Asia 2014 New Products Zone


Visitors can also benefit from the educational sessions at this year\'s show

A collagen-boosting drink to minimise signs of skin ageing, a natural functional juice that helps to boost the immune system, heart and joint health and a protein-rich meal replacement to tackle obesity are just three of nearly 100 innovations to line-up in the New Products Zone at Vitafoods Asia 2014 when it open its doors in Hong Kong next week (3–4 September).

All the products being showcased at the two-event are examples of how global and regional health, wellbeing and beauty nutraceutical trends – from weight management to nutricosmetics and Halal ingredients, influence new product development.

Nutricosmetics are playing an increasingly major role in beauty as women aim to perfect their skin, hair and nails with good nutrition and supplements. In fact, latest research from Global Industry Analysts (GIA) says the global nutricosmetics market will reach US$4.24bn by 2017.

Nutricosmetics making their debut in the New Product Zone include CRYSTALPURE Beauty Collagen Drink EX from ATP, which helps maintain skin moisture and minimise signs of ageing; SODline anti-cellulite sticks from Bionov containing an active ingredient that is clinically-demonstrated to act against cellulite; and Perfect Beauty Life Sun, an innovative formulation of Lycolignol created from argan oil, astaxanthin and grape-seed extract, which is said to protect skin from sun exposure from the inside.

Obesity and weight management continue to move up the agenda for countries across the globe as World Health Organisation figures show that worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980, increasing the incidence of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

DietSlim is an all-natural supplement from Hill Pharmaceutical containing a blend of bitter lemon, mulberry leaf and green tea, while Crème Brulée Meal Replacement Dessert is a complete low-calorie meal containing 23 vitamins and minerals, proteins and fibre designed to be eaten on-the-go and Hazelnut Long Cookies, which contain 36% protein and just 5g of carbohydrate.

Vitafoods Asia is also fertile ground for the latest crop of functional beverages, food and ingredients

For first-hand advice on tapping into the weight management trend, visitors can visit the Innovation Station where Mintel analysts will lead interactive demonstrations on weight management and beauty products from around the world.

Vitafoods Asia is also fertile ground for the latest crop of functional beverages, food and ingredients. Merry Day Bright Carrot Drink is B-carotene rich for optimal eye-care, while it also contains high levels of hydrolysed collagen and Vitamin C for skin health. Meanwhile, Physta Indulgence contains 50mg of clinically researched Tongkat Ali Extra (Physta) in a 25g dark chocolate bar for energy and vitality.

Featuring strongly in the New Products Zone are products that will appeal because of their nutraceutical and Halal qualities.

Halal products and ingredients showcasing for the first time include Avonys, a patented formula for the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis from Furley Bioextracts; Curcuma Langa – Ethanol Extracted, made by Konark Herbals & Healthcare, which is widely used in the food, pharma and nutraceutical industries; and Melagenol from Monteloeder, a formulation designed to prevent skin pigmentation from within.

Not only can visitors discover the latest science in the New Product Zone, but they will also be able to explore key market trends in much greater detail in the new Vitafoods Asia Conference, where nutraceutical experts from around the world will share their knowledge, and also at the various theatre and seminar zones at the show. These include the new Market Insights Hub, where the business landscape, legislation and market opportunities are under the spotlight and the Exhibitor Presentation Theatre which sees suppliers present live research, case studies and industry topics.

Innovation underpins the nutraceutical industry’s success in appealing to changing consumer demands

Chris Lee, Vitafoods Portfolio Director says: 'Innovation underpins the nutraceutical industry’s success in appealing to changing consumer demands and expectations. Multiple trends mean identifying where the biggest opportunities lie and how best to leverage them can be a challenge.

'At Vitafoods Asia visitors can discover the most recent ingredient and raw material launches that can be used to develop groundbreaking products that tap into current and emerging trends. The New Products Zone is designed to be a source of inspiration and act as a guide to what’s on show at exhibitor stands.

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'Visitors can also benefit from the educational sessions at this year’s show that cover the latest trends affecting and influencing the global nutraceutical industry. This, combined with the raw material and ingredient knowledge, will help shape marketing and business development strategies for the future.'