DSM showcases additional benefits with its ‘lean brewing’ concept at BrauBeviale

Brewers Clarex simplifies traditional brewing by streamlining one of the most demanding stages: stabilisation

Responding to the increase in targets and complexity that brewmasters face today, DSM is finding additional application benefits for its Brewers Clarex stabilisation solution.

At the upcoming BrauBeviale, DSM will showcase how its enzyme solution helps to make beer production simpler in multiple ways. All whilst delivering the same high quality, stable, clear beer expected from the world’s leading brands.

Brewers Clarex simplifies traditional brewing by streamlining one of the most demanding stages: stabilisation. By using it, many breweries have reduced their CO2 and water footprint, helping them to reach their overall sustainability targets. However, with time, DSM’s proline-specific endoprotease has proven to contribute to many more targets beyond sustainability.

For instance, breweries facing capacity constraints in preparation for a surge in demand during the summer or big global events like the FIFA World Cup, have found Brewers Clarex to be a valuable tool. It reduces the stabilisation process from weeks to days, thus accelerating time to market without requiring large investments for production expansion.

In warmer climates, where more energy is needed for cooling or in places where energy supply can be unreliable, the removal of the cooling stage in stabilisation helps to reduce costs and energy reliance. Also, as many of the bigger beer breweries have continuous process improvement on top of their agenda, Brewers Clarex has demonstrated its added value by making the stabilisation process simpler and reducing waste and beer losses.

Ten years after this product introduction, DSM is showing that brewing doesn’t have to be as complex as many think. The company is highlighting this in its new outreach campaign: ‘The Same. Only Simpler.’ Visitors are invited to its booth 1-353 (left of the main entrance) at this year’s BrauBeviale to experience how brewmasters can meet their targets and stay true to the craft whilst saving money, enhancing efficiencies and remaining at the forefront of innovation.