DSM unveils consumer health survey at Vitafoods


Positioning supplements as aids to healthy lifestyles according to life stages could resonate better with consumers

DSM Nutritional Products (Stand I10) is to reveal brand new insights on consumers’ top health concerns around each life stage at this year’s Vitafoods. Visitors can take part in an on-stand interactive experience or ‘life journey’ following a path across different life stages, from pregnancy to healthy ageing.

At each point, visitors will discover the health concerns affecting consumers from 10 different countries in EMEA and see how these change as we grow older. They will also find out the science behind adequate nutrition for each life stage and learn how DSM’s innovative nutritional solutions can meet those needs.

The trend for personalised nutrition is growing in the food industry. Positioning supplements as aids to healthy lifestyles according to life stages could resonate better with consumers, says Mintel. UK sales of demographically positioned vitamins performed well last year, highlighting that further exploration of different demographic groups and lifestyle needs could help to drive category sales growth. DSM’s new research will support its customers to better understand consumer needs and visitors are welcome to discuss the findings in more detail.

Fortitech Premixes by DSM — a custom nutrients premixes service that can help customers develop any formulation to suit their needs — will be on stand again this year, with the launch of a new technical paper series focused on nutrition and Millennials. The first paper of the series, on the deficiencies Millennials face and their health concerns, will be available for discussion at the booth.

A range of prototypes providing nutrition for various life stages will also be available on stand. For kids and teens, there will be a new DHA syrup in emulsion form that tastes great and gummies containing lutein. For adulthood, visitors can try drinks containing lutein for eye health and two types of capsules for heart health: one with life’sOMEGA and the other with MEG-3. In addition, nutritionally tailored ‘sticks to go’ for each life stage will be available, designed to be consumed on the go for convenience.

DSM will again play an active role at the Vitafoods conference. At 14:15 on Tuesday 10 May, Dr Rob Winwood will present ‘The redemption of high dose vitamin E, vitamin D and marine omega-3 fatty acids for the prevention of primary and secondary cardiovascular disease.’ At 16:50 on the same day, Prof. Manfred Eggersdorfer will present ‘Assessing nutrient status in individuals and populations: why some age better than others.'

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Visitors can end the day by joining DSM for its happy hour on stand from 16:00, taking place on both 10 and 11 May.