Deerland Enzymes highlights clinically supported branded products


Deerland will share the latest results of the clinical trials performed on the company’s branded products at Finished Products Europe (Stand E4)

At Deerland Enzymes, we take pride in the science-supported dietary supplement formulations we develop with our customers.

Although we specialise in customised formulations, we have also developed an exclusive line of university-studied products that can be used as-is, or as the basis for a custom formulation. Our PhD- and MD-led research and product development teams are on top of the latest technological developments and supplement market trends, delivering the most advanced product lines available.

At Finished Products Europe (Stand E4), Deerland Enzymes will highlight the latest results of the clinical trials performed on the company’s branded products: DE111, Glutalytic and ProHydrolase.

Genome-sequenced probiotic

Deerland Enzymes has genome sequenced and clinically tested DE111, a highly effective strain of Bacillus subtilis, a probiotic spore that works as a complement to many of the non-spore strains on the market today. We’ll reveal the human clinical results that demonstrate its characteristics in terms of stability, efficacy and safety.

Gluten digestion

The fastest way to break down gluten is to cleave its peptide bonds internally and externally; Glutalytic is uniquely designed with both endo- and exo-peptidases to break down gluten proteins faster and more efficiently than traditional DPPIV-only supplements. Get the results of the double-blind, placebo, questionnaire based clinical study on Glutalytic. The non-selective group of participants, half of which reported sensitivity to gluten, showed statistical improvements in a wide variety of common digestive issues.

Protein hydrolysis for sports nutrition

Deerland Enzymes has developed a unique, proprietary protease blend called ProHydrolase that maximises the performance benefits of protein supplements.ProHydrolase digests protein into biousable form, taking full advantage of the availability of essential amino acids for building muscle and improving muscle recovery, while also reducing the potential for digestive discomfort.

Backed by two human clinical studies that demonstrate its superiority to other protease blends, ProHydrolase has been shown to increase levels of amino acids in the blood, as well as decrease levels of C-reactive protein (CRP). ProHydrolase has shown to be effective with whey, soy, casein, hemp and pea proteins.

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More branded products from Deerland Enzymes:

  • PreforPro: Supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut through a novel prebiotic that’s not fibre or starch-based, and requires a significantly smaller dosage than typical prebiotics.
  • ThioZyme GI: Formulated to support normal populations of bacteria in the GI tract, such as E. coli and Bacteroides. The formulation includes natural ingredients of enzymes, essential oils and chelators that act on the unwanted bacteria. Read more here.
  • ThioZyme YD: Promotes a normal population of yeast, such as Candida albicans, in the small intestine. The formulation includes natural ingredients of enzymes, essential oils and chelators.
  • Dairylytic: Formulated with lactase and protease enzymes, Dairylytic is designed to break down the lactose associated with intolerance, as well as make milk proteins easier to digest and absorb.
  • ThioZyme AO: An antioxidant formula designed to replicate the body’s own defensive network by regenerating the antioxidant ingredients it contains. This novel blend of ingredients combines pivotal cellular antioxidants such as vitamins C and E with their vital partners, antioxidant enzymes, to neutralize toxic free radicals and help alleviate damaging oxidative stress.