Distributor of the year goes to Faravelli

Awarded by Kappa Bioscience for the company’s work on vitamin K2 menaquinone-7

Faravelli has been awarded “Distributor of the Year 2019” by Kappa Bioscience during Vitafoods 2019.

“I am really happy for this award,” said Tiziana Ferrari, Coordinator of Faravelli Nutra Division in Italy. “For me and my team is an important recognition of our efforts and the value of our work.”

The collaboration between Faravelli and Kappa Bioscience started in 2015. Kappa Bioscience specialises in the production of vitamin K2 menaquinone-7 through a patented and renowned synthetic process.

MK-7 is the most active and bioavailable form of K2, a vitamin that promotes correct bone calcification and at the same time reduces the formation of calcium “plaques” in the arteries with the risk of blocking them. Vitamin K2, therefore, protects the cardiovascular system while helping to prevent osteoporosis.

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