Drinks concepts for emotional well-being


Sensient Flavors presents a holistic approach to enhancing emotional states in a gentle way: Uplifting, Energizing, Relaxing and Calming

Sensient Flavors has developed new beverage concepts that respond to the rising demand for products that influence and balance our emotional state in a gentle, natural way.

Health and wellness benefits are no longer simply a matter of physical nourishment; the emotional influence of foods and drinks is also an important consideration. With that in mind, these new products support manufacturers as they strive to create successful 'emotion drinks.'

Sensient is enabling its customers to capitalise on this trend by taking a 'soft' approach. Their holistic concepts tap into the power of berries and are based on findings of how colour psychology can influence our moods. The results of which are drinks that deliver a range of harmonious colour-flavour combinations and correspond to a variety of emotional states.

The four basic concept lines are Relaxing-green, Calming-blue, Uplifting-yellow and Energising-red. For example, Sensient’s Calming concept combines the juicy, ripe flavour of blueberry with a hop extract, whereas the Relaxing version features gooseberry and hop. Fruity sea buckthorn and ripe apricot notes give the Uplifting drink its distinct taste and Energising benefits from hints of redcurrant, strawberry and ginger to boost both body and soul.

These four base concepts can be adjusted individually to create bespoke products with additional functional ingredients. In addition, Sensient’s flavouring experts can help to mask undesirable off-notes while maintaining a highly desirable overall flavour impact.

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Hans-Juergen Sachs, General Manager, Sensient Flavors Beverage Europe, comments: 'In our stressful lives, the need for mood balancing food and drinks has steadily increased, to calm us down or to give us an emotional boost. In particular, the tea sector is a key example of the potential for this ‘mood market.’ With our holistic concepts for mood drinks, we can help customers to capitalise on this exciting opportunity for versatile beverages.'