DuPont Nutrition & Health receives NutraIngredients-USA “Ingredient of the Year Award 2018”


Recognised for new frontier in infant and toddler formula nutrition with CARE4U human milk oligosaccharide 2’-FL

DuPont Nutrition & Health have received the prestigious NutraIngredients-USA “Ingredient of the Year Award 2018” for their innovation to promote infant nutrition by supplementing infant and toddler formula with human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) to make it closer to the gold standard of human milk, as well as supporting digestive, immune and cognitive development in infants.

The award, presented at a ceremony in Chicago following the Institute for Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Expo, is given for true innovation and cutting-edge research in the nutrition and dietary supplements industries and is an acknowledgement of the industry’s very best international health research.

“This early win for CARE4U 2’-FL HMO underlines the research which indicates that commercially produced HMOs such as CARE4U can mimic some of the health-promoting effects of the HMOs present in human milk, helping to close an important gap between human milk and infant formula,” said Ratna Mukherjea, Technology and Innovation Leader-HMO, who accepted the award on behalf of DuPont Nutrition & Health.

Steen Lyck, Global Business Development Leader, Cultures, HMO, Probiotics and Food Protection, DuPont Nutrition & Health, said: “This award is a validation from independent experts confirming the quality of science, innovation and market potential of HMOs in both the infant and toddler formula market."

"CARE4U is suitable for dietary supplements as well, given that it is the highest purity and density HMO on the market, allowing for smaller dose size and ability to combine with other ingredients.”

He continued: “In addition, initial research shows support for a healthy microbiome in adults, and DuPont is uncovering ways in which the health benefits of HMOs can be used in dietary supplements, extending the advantages of HMOs from infancy into adulthood. This is just the beginning.”

Also shortlisted from DuPont in the Weight Management Ingredient of the Year category was HOWARU Shape, a unique combination of probiotic (B420) and prebiotic (Litesse Ultra) clinically proven to naturally keep your waist trim.

“We asked a lot of our entrants and to win one of these awards is a significant achievement. So, congratulations to all our winners and finalists,” said Stephen Daniells, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, NutraIngredients-USA.

Ratna echoed Stephen’s comments: “The criteria were rigorous and I would like to thank the entire DuPont HMO team on working together on the submission. I also would like to congratulate all our fellow finalists and winners on this momentous achievement.”

DuPont is at the forefront of microbiome science and pre- and probiotics. DuPont delivers an unmatched innovation platform that allows manufacturers to leverage synergies among HMOs, probiotics and other ingredients, offering brand growth and differentiation opportunities.

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