DuPont brings substantiated science to customers at CPhI India


DuPont will showcase HOWARU premium probiotics and OsmoAid Lactitol among other health ingredients solutions at CPhI India 2015 (1-3 December, Mumbai, India)

DuPont Nutrition & Health continues to focus on bringing industry leading science and research to its dietary supplements and pharmaceutical customers in India.

Reinforcing its deep market knowledge, product insights and innovative science know-how the company will showcase a range of health-enhancing benefits at CPhI 2015 from Dec 1-3 in Mumbai, India.

At the event, visitors will interact with experts on the range of DuPont Danisco products that promote good health, driven by substantiated science. The platform will provide an opportunity to experience the company’s healthier profile of dietary supplements that address consumer needs in sync with emerging health trends.

Visitors at the booth will have a chance to experience a selective range of DuPont Danisco portfolio in finished formats with an array of bioactive ingredients that deliver clinically documented, health-enhancing effects. This will include products solutions in the range of Probiotics, OsmoAid Lactitol, Betaine and Litesse.

With science at the centre of its market leadership, DuPont Nutrition & Health will host an insightful technical presentation on probiotics on December 2 (12:00-12:45 PM IST) at the CPhI event. The topics covered will focus on both digestive and immune health of the consumer.

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DuPont will appear at CPhI India in collaboration with Indian distributor SA Pharmachem. Placed at the exhibition Hall No. 1 inside Booth E-6, DuPont will highlight finished formats in dietary supplements prototypes in three principle areas

  • cardiovascular health: solutions that promote the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels
  • sports nutrition: health ingredients demonstrated for optimal sports performance and to support muscle health
  • immune health: clinically documented, demographic-focused solutions to help consumers maintain a healthy immune system that can deal with the challenges their bodies face every day whilst supporting general well-being.