Earth Science Tech receives first sample batches of cannabidiol-rich hemp oil

Plans to develop guidelines for correct dose as a dietary supplement

Earth Science Tech (ETST), a US biotechnology company focused on nutraceuticals, bioceuticals and dietary supplements, has received its first three sample batches of high grade Cannabidiol (CBD)-rich industrial hemp-based oil that can be distributed in all 50 US states and 40 countries as a nutritional and dietary supplement.

Las Vegas, Nevada-based ETST has confirmed test results showing that its hemp oil is suitable for the nutritional and dietary supplement markets having been tested for microbiological screening, chemical residue screening and cannabinoid profiling.

The company aims to become a leading wholesale distributor of high grade CBD-rich hemp oil.

Harvey Katz, CEO of ETST, said: 'As an emerging nutritional and dietary supplement hemp wellness company, ETST is looking forward to working with new strategic partners, vendors and third party resellers to help them create, develop and manufacture innovative products designed to promote health and wellness benefits by utilising its High Grade CBD (Cannabidiol) Rich Hemp Oil.'

ETST plans to develop guidelines for the correct amount of dosing of High Grade CBD (Cannabidiol) Rich Hemp Oil as a nutritional and dietary supplement to be used for various disorders and conditions through upcoming clinical trials.

ETST is looking forward to working with new strategic partners, vendors and third party resellers

Cannabinoids (cannabidiol/CBD) are natural constituents of the hemp plant, and CBD is derived from hemp stalk and seed. Hemp oil is a well-known dietary supplement and the naturally occurring CBD in hemp is providing evidence of health and wellness benefits. CBD does not possess any psychoactive properties and therefore is a ready-for-market hemp-based ingredient.

According to scientific and clinical studies in the US, CBD has the potential to help a range of conditions, including epilepsy, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, alcoholism, schizophrenia, PTSD, antibiotic-resistant infections, and various neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrated neurogenic and neuroprotective effects and its anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated at several academic research centres in the US and abroad.

The US FDA currently considers hemp-based Cannabinoids, including CBD, to be 'food-based' and therefore legal.

ETST has an exclusive distribution agreement with Cromogen Biotechnologies focusing on the purchase of raw hemp-based CBD (Cannabidiol) rich oil.