Emothion the effective — IN BODY — form of glutathione

The Gnosis-bio YouTube channel never stops: a new video on Emothion, the effective — IN BODY — form of glutathione, is now available

Emothion is a clinically studied and patented new orally stable and crystalline form of S-Acetyl-Glutathione, with enhanced bioavailability and fast action.

It is the cutting-edge alternative developed to overcome the poor effectiveness of GSH supplementation, due to its poor absorption and its hydrolytic degradation in the body.

Through the new YouTube video, Gnosis-bio wants to explain in a new and original language how many advantages come from Emothion intake: Emothion has more rapid dissolution rate and therefore, is orally well absorbed.

Once internalised into the cells, it increases GSH level more efficiently than normal GSH.

Take two minutes to watch the new Emothion YouTube video and enjoy the Gnosis-bio channel: what a pleasant and easy way to dive into nutraceutical world!

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